Awesome Almond Cultivation Technology - Almond Farming and Harvest

25 Peb 2020
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Almond is a very famous and energy provider dry fruit which is mostly cultivated in Middle east and USA. Almonds are the healthiest and most nutritious nuts of all, considered a well-balanced cho-lesterol free food.
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  • Always great and beautiful video.

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  • If human did this by hand how long it take...

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  • I Always wonder to see how Technology made job easy for humans.

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  • A brain development dose.

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  • Can a pistachio tree survive minus ten degrees Celsius?

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  • ขอซักถุงได้มั้ยอ่ะ

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  • Awesome 👌 almonds.

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    • Thanks you and take care 🙂❤ 🙂

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  • Intha thottathula eanakum Oru vela kudungada pls 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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  • Dry fruits are in demand. They are the excess nutrition. Health is a continuous concern.

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  • Sir apke field pe Jane ka ky farmaliti hai mai Ana chahata hu pl call

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  • В Беларусь миндаль вымерзает. Я выростила из косточки деревце но вымерзло оно.

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  • I love almonds

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  • Heaven 😍😍😍😍😍

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  • Almond grow in low temperature but Australia have higher temperatures is this a new variety.

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  • Kitna hard work krna pdta hai

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  • I love almonds,l planted them in my garden. 🇦🇿👍

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  • I love almond

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  • 0:10 This machine is killing the trees. -Destroy thousands of nests of birds and other animals inside the trees. But hey! The company want a fastest way to harvest this almond! who give a dam about some birds....

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  • Agri officers of noal farm u are great

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  • Osam

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  • Its amazing technology

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  • In India almonds plants are not like that why what is the reason please tell me

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  • hello friend pleas i need to this video in use in my channel. if don't main .. send me u give me raw fills.. videos

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  • Imazianig videos

  • plz dear tell me also the verity name of crop also nd required chilling hiurs in low nd high climates zones

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  • realy loves you noal farm oaamamamahahahah my dear please contct me i have a speacial gift frnu

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  • Perfectly garden👏🤝

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  • How to get this plants in India

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  • Hello sir 👋 I like Harvesting of Almonds. I want to Job in your farm. Please Reply me sir 🙏 I'm from in India. Please sir.

    Raaz ChakrawartyRaaz Chakrawarty3 bulan yang lalu
    • We have vacancies contact noel farm

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  • متى سوف يصحي العرب والمسلمين من سباتهم وغفلتهم ويتجهون الى الاختراعات والصناعات والابداع بالتكنولوجيا بما يفيد البشريه وترك الحروب والحقد والحسد والكراهيه متى متى متى ... شكرا لقناتكم التي تبحث لنا عن المفيد اعجبني هذا الفيديو

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  • Amazing, great experience

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  • hello noal farm . i need a supplier for import almond to my country. if you want to sell , please write me

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  • Oh God, this what is killing all the "Bees" in the world. Because of all the pesticides, "Bees" are dropping dead left and right. Don't buy Almond or Almond milk.

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  • Are you supply india

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  • Great

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  • Most of the almonds here in Pakistan come from Afghanistan and Iran. But the best ones are from the US.

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  • i love almonds but also in reality it is rich in uric acid.

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  • You are giving good knowledge. Thanks.

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  • so this is where my chocolate almonds come from

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  • If u don't mind how can I get seeds all of ur crops u have reply please

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    • I want reply. Sir

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  • Anyone kinda share the contact information of this farm?

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  • Woaaaoooo!!! This video is a complete package. Very beautifully edited and compressed the whole package in just 5 minutes... Thanks for such video. It is really informative for people like us who have never visited such farms... Thanks a lot. Keep uploading ..

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  • Sanaol.

    Lead ManaloLead Manalo3 bulan yang lalu
  • What's the contact info for this farm?

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  • In California, it's common to let the almonds dry on the ground after shaking the trees to prevent excess moisture and mold. However that step seems to be skipped with the machine in the video. Is moisture an issue in the time between harvesting and hulling/shelling?

    Chris RishwainChris Rishwain4 bulan yang lalu
  • Om shanti bk

    Reeta VishwakarmaReeta Vishwakarma4 bulan yang lalu
  • Too bad the American Almonds are destroyed with Pasteurization & Chemical Treating when processed. All Natural Unpasteurized Almonds come from Spain.

    John BurnsJohn Burns4 bulan yang lalu
  • Are you send India

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  • Din shaganaa daa. Profit and loss based business. It is not all that bad.

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  • Excellent

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  • Is it need cool temperature? And how could it grow in Indian hot continental

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  • How I grow the best Almond in a farm?

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  • what is the variety name of this almond plant

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  • AWESOME 🌹 🌹

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  • Almonds are sold on high price in India...

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  • ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمان عمل إحترافى أحسنت يا شباب

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  • can i get this farm contacts for buying

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  • بأي بلدهادا. ياريت ترجمي للعربي.

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  • This is not almond

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  • How to get that seeds to farming in India?

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  • This is how agriculture engineering suppose to be work. Sadly this is not happened to graduated students in this major in my country

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  • Subhanallah..😇😇😇👍

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  • Where is this farm?? I'm likely this kinds of harvest!!

    tran dang duongtran dang duong6 bulan yang lalu
    • Olam Australia Almond, maybe in Queensland

      SamanthaSamantha6 bulan yang lalu
  • Questo si vede solo in California produttrice del ottanta per cento di mandrel bel mondo

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  • I'm watching this while eating almonds.

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  • I like almond specially if it's coated of chocolate.

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