Japan Garlic Farm and Harvest - Amazing Japan Garlic Agriculture Technology Farm

26 Mei 2019
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Garlic crop cultivation is one of the most important bulb crop cultivations. It is mainly used as a spice. Garlic is considered as a rich source of carbohydrate, protein, phosphorus. Vapour oil is found in garlic. Garlic helps in indigestion. This reduces cholesterol in human blood.
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  • These are blessed people because they are doing job for feeding humans.

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  • Надоже даже бабушки трудятся, у нас так фиг заставишь в таком возросте наших бабуле работать.

  • Man those are some nice big fat bulbs they're harvesting! My garlic is up about 4 inches now and I'm a little late but planting elephant garlic now. The tops of the plants are very tasty to add fresh to salads and added to cooking as well. I do believe eating the greens through winter help fight off cold and flu. And the bloom stem, whatever it's called is just as good as the bulbs themselves I think. They don't usually make it back into the house though. I usually eat them before I make it back inside hahahaha. Yum!! Thumbs up Noal!

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  • Thought Japan was only good at making demonic violent video games for children, youth and even adults and this is a big reason why people are so addictive and families are being destroyed by such horror and gory filth.

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  • Too much technology invasion of farming leads to avoidable pollution.

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  • Pongan los sub títulos en español para Mexico. Gracias y felicidades.

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  • Terminen la mecanica de la cosecha..y cuantos kilos por hectarea...

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  • How did they water the garlic crop? They did not explain irrigation system.

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  • I am Indian Farmer my interest Japanese farming

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  • I’m hoping in ten yrs time we’ll be able to feed people without all that plastic, use of chemical inputs and machinery crushing the soil structure. At present these hardworking people are really in an outdoor factory, not a dialogue wtih nature.

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  • Di indonesia usia seperti bapak ini adh pensiun...

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  • Hi. In what month did you sow? And what is the irrigation hose depth

  • Very cool. i just started drying my garlic getting ready to plant. very helpful.

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    • Supper and fine

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  • Bagus. Apa ada budidaya 'jahe'?

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  • I worked 4 seasons in the garlic fields of California while I was in high school. We did the harvesting all by hand and were paid piecework. A hard worker could make decent money and earn their blisters and cut fingers. Never an infection though, garlic is a great antiseptic.

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  • Bismillah. Tetimakasih Noal Farm,, aku jadi tau pohon bawang putih, & tau macam2 buah2 juga....., semoga Noal Farm sehat selalu, semakin sukses & bertambh rezekinya...... 🤲

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  • My friend grows 1000 acres of garlic planting base in his home, and you can contact him for wholesale. WhatsApp+8613327951902, his email address is 578346576@qq.com

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  • What month need to plant garlic?

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  • India we use rics fog

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  • very good job i really love garlic i never knew that japan grow garlic

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  • In Indian lots of production same size placed Resion is manpower but little bit upset technology 😕

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  • These look very nice. Much better than Chinese garlic.

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  • Japan is a high tech country have many good idea.

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  • Not sure I understand the title: where is the promised "amazing technology"? Many parts of the process are fully manual, with others use machines that have existed for quite some time. I see zero special technology, unless I've missed something...

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  • amazing japan

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  • Maîtrise de la technique et travail bien soigné. Grand niveau de mécanisation.

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  • Japanese women farmers--worth their weight in Gold and Garlic !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Would it be so difficult to put a voice to the words? Not everyone reads at the speed it takes to follow the action.

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  • is there any Agricultural colleges i japan?

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