Awesome Japan Hairy Crab Catching Deep Sea - Hairy Crab Processing

4 Des 2019
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The hairy crab (kegani in Japanese) or horsehair crab is found in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. It gets its name from the spiky hairs that cover its entire body. This little critter is smaller than the snow crab and the red king crab, making many people say it is more difficult to eat, but it has a dense , sweet flavor, making the effort of cracking open that shell well worth it. People who call themselves true crab lovers will often choose the horsehair crab. It is often boiled in saltwater to bring out its rich original flavor, then cut into sections and eaten by hand.
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  • When I was younger I inadvertently hooked up with a girl who was hairy:.. and had crabs....

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  • Straight genocide so sad

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  • And this is why we have one punch man.

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  • Berbulu apanya?jembotnya?

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  • The most common fish species in winter are crabs, cod, scallops.What we have in common is that we have the most valuable fish species, so we have a lot of demand.

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  • Почему крабов варят в пластиковых ящиках?

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  • No animal were harmed during making of the video

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  • japanese likes them hairy. from their pornstars to their crabs

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  • why they boil after catch?

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  • The Tarakan crab is also very delicious, want to try it please come to Tarakan.

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  • This where Corona begin

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  • When we were kids we used to catch small crabs in the irrigation and cook after we collect a pile of it but the crab that we are collecting are small ones compared to that 😄 fun memories

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  • Why do you boil such a beautiful creature?

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    • @Mister Turk Turkle The healthy man does not torture others - generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers.

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    • @Francisco Fernandes suffering from *L A C K O F C R A B*

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    • @Mister Turk Turkle Atleast you understand pain of getting your tongue pinched. Now imagine getting boiled alive ?

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  • Scalded to death and unable to wriggle. What an end to a shitty life anyway!!!

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  • Sweetest crab I've ever tasted but also painful to peel because its shells are thorny!

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  • After much struggle they will be able to have a taste of miso in the end! RIP

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  • They are not abusing the sea.

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  • In the Philippines small or large, ready or not...cook them all.

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    • @Witch Doctor Another Douchebag

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  • Japan stop whaling!

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  • Over fishing! Most of the crab will be spoiled and go to waste. Tsk. Can they just get what they can consume

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    • They throw back the smaller ones which I turn helps to not over-fish.

      ViperViper10 bulan yang lalu
    • Maybe separating Male & females. People usually throw back females so they can reproduce. In some places it's against the law to keep females.

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    • not to over-fish the species

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