Awesome Hydroponic Strawberries Farming - Modern Agriculture Technology - Strawberries Harvesting

21 Jun 2020
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Growing strawberries hydroponically ensures that weather is not a factor, and allows you to harvest them all year long. You need only a large bucket or tub for the reservoir, growing containers, wicks, nutrient solution, and strawberry rootstock for delicious strawberries all year long.
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  • El vídeo parece ser de De Veiling en Hoogstraten, Bélgica. Es una cooperativa de agricultores de fresas de la región, que subasta y exporta sus fresas a toda Europa. Hoogstraten es famoso desde hace muchas décadas por su producción de fresas. Muy ricas y de excelente calidad

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  • Hang on. If the pot has soil in it, then this is not hydroponics then. Hydroponics is the act of growing plants without the use of soil mediums, instead opting for gravel, rockwool or other such medium simply to hold the seedling in place as its roots grow down into the flowing nutrient dense water.

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