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8 Peb 2020
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Blueberry cultivation . Did you know that the modern blueberry is a 20th-century invention? Before the 1900s, the only way to enjoy these North American natives was to find them in the wild. Then, scientists started to unlock the secrets of cultivating blueberries-and we’re glad they did! Here’s how to grow blueberries in your garden.
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  • No pests to spray for in the southeastern US. Only birds but I keep plenty of birds around around my feeders. Answer to that is grow enough for the birds and yourself. I've got 20 Rabbit eye bushes about 7 feet tall. The birds get all they want and so do I. Maybe that's why my bushes don't have pests? The birds eat all the bugs. That's my story and I'm sticking to it... hahahaha

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  • Thank you to all those who work in this field and most of all to our Creator who gave us this wonderful, miraculous, healing fruit which has so many benefits compared to man-made candy.

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  • I want a blue berries seed pls send me my contact number 7698800070 india

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  • Now I know why blueberries are so expensive

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  • One of my favorite fruit .nice video

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  • If I grow from seed, how many years later giving fruit??

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  • Why are they wearing face masks during picking?

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    • It’s because of the heavy pesticides they use

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  • Yummy blueberries💖

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  • Bismillah. Seumur2 aku belum pernah megang buah ini, apalagi memakannya., 🤔 Noal Farm memang segala tau. 👍

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  • im watching this while eating toast with blueberry jam, so good and satisfying

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  • Our favourite berries! #BCblueberries

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  • Can we grow it in India

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  • I grow my own blueberries, no spray needed, no damage from insects.

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    • It's possible to grow from seed??how many years later giving fruit???

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  • Can we grow Blueberries Hydroponically Outdoors or it has to be Polyhouse? I see in this video hydroponically grown and outdoor. Please do reply thankyou.

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  • Apa di Indonesia gk bisa tumbuh buah ini😭

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  • in my village in cianjur west java indonesia..we are harvest blue bery too..nice scenery,,cold wheather

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  • I remember picking them when I was in high school during my summer breaks. You truly won't know what hard work is until you do something like that. Much respect to those that do it !

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    • Im starting tomorrow 🥴

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  • I just wish you didn’t use the spray. There are plenty of BlueBerries for everyone and the bugs. If the earth is made fertile using compost and well rotted and aged manure, the ladybugs and bees will live to do their work and the plant will be stronger to fight off any invasion of a bad insect or fungus. Plus the health of your workers are strengthened as well. You are taking away any good the berry has and replacing it with death. I pray for your workers and the unsuspecting people who will consume these fruits.

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  • Blue berry secara ekonomi menguntungkn karena harga yg mahal, dri potensi laham jika di hitung secara ekonomi jangka panjang akan merugikan dgn bukaan lahan yg luas maka air tanah tdk akan tersedia. Blue berru memerluka air untk tumbuh, dgn di buka lahan tanpa hutan maka ketersediaan air akan kurang , meskipun mahal buah blue berry akan rugi karena tdk aka meng hasilkan buah, sebaikany laham tetap ada hutan agar ketersediaan air tetap ada sedang luasan hutan akan menentukan debet air yg keluar dari hutan

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  • These are the crappy blueberries that are white inside, and pretty well tasteless? Nothing like the real wild blueberries we have here in Scandinavia, that are also in Alaska: blueish-red in side and tasting like blueberries should.

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  • Blueberries contain iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K. Each of these is a component of bone. Adequate intake of these minerals and vitamins contributes to building and maintaining bone structure and strength.

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  • All the love and respect for these hard workers. I appreciate your work😙

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  • 0:06 shit are they pouring that much pesticides on berries?

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    • They pesticides before blueberry flower come

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  • These fruit are soooo healthy that all the pickers wear face masks because of the spray used. Bon Appetite.

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    • cause hygiene they use gloves masks . when nobody record on camera i bet nobody use gloves or masks

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  • I love Blueberries! Blueberry Pancakes, Blueberry Bagels, Blueberry Muffins, Blueberry Smoothies, Blueberry Pie, Blueberry Tarts, Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Gelato but my ultimate favorite, Fresh Blueberries. Yum! OK, I'm going the supermarket and buy me some Blueberries.

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  • Wrong french translation for blue berries. "Bleuets" are a kind of flower. The right name for "blue berry" is "myrtille"

    Falmir CamionFalmir Camion8 bulan yang lalu
    • @Noal Farm And it's feminine : UNE or LA myrtille, also ;-) btw (There still 2 bleuets left in your description) In fact, it will be easier to send you the corrected text : La culture des myrtilles. Saviez-vous que la myrtille moderne est une invention du 20e siècle ? Avant les années 1900, la seule façon de profiter de ces fruits indigènes en Amérique du Nord était de les trouver dans la nature. Ensuite, les scientifiques ont commencé à percer les secrets de leur culture et nous sommes heureux qu'ils l'aient fait! Voici comment faire pousser des myrtilles dans votre jardin. Also, for your information : We also have a kind of blue berry in Europe, but it's not the same as the american one (It's blue inside), and we can't cultivate it.

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    • thank u so much. i will edit

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