Japan Taro Farming and Harvesting - Awesome Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #40

25 Mar 2019
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Taro (Colocasia esculenta), a type of leafy vegetable tuber also known as dasheen, comes from southeast Asia. This perennial Which features thick shoots and large, elephant ear-like leaves
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  • Look good 👍 👌

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    • Thanks you.

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  • In the philippines taros leaves and stalks are edible too. It is cooked as laing

    louie Vallolouie Vallo3 hari yang lalu
  • Boiled then peel and dip in soy sauce. Easy and taste great. You know they are fresh if they have a slimy texture, those are the best tasting. But if they are old they taste like a dry potato.

    John SmithJohn Smith5 hari yang lalu
  • We call those small slimy ones eddoes.

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  • Lovely I have few massive Tara plant growing in my backyard here in the UK

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  • Am tonga speaking in Malawi we call masimbi,but we don't eat leaves or sterm but i Will try

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  • Is this not cocoyam?

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  • Wow taro grows in Japan too? Learn something new everyday.

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  • Muito bonito a plantação de inhame

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  • Me gustaría que escriban en español, Gracias.

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  • Very very nice rich soil

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  • In Central America, Guatemala his name malanga.

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  • New friend lodi,m8 .. Ganyan din me ,tulungan t u .....

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  • The leaves are very good for pig fed

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  • Thank you for the video. It is very informative. Where can I buy the machines used in this video? Please help me with the company name and website address.

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  • In Jamaica we call it Dasheen

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  • Aaaaah..ver..pero es yustia..o Málaga...

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  • In 🇵🇭 we call it GABI in our language. Its so delicius when cooking beef soup with gabi.

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  • hello full support here

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  • Woooow so nice, I miss them so much hope this Corona ends I return home and enjoy those yams, but us in my country Uganda we grow bigger in size

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  • In Cuba it's called Malanga. I love malanga

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  • In palau we call it "kukau"

    Susan TowaiSusan Towai2 bulan yang lalu
    • We call it "Talo"

      Sam WrightSam Wright2 bulan yang lalu
  • Как называется это растение?

    Оля ВоробьеваОля Воробьева2 bulan yang lalu
  • In Andhrapradesh( India) we call it as "chama dumpa"

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  • dear friend thanks tor your video and we are a farmer in africa and we are looking for the seed and cooperation to develop the taro in cameroon in africa. your contribution is hightly appreciate thanks and stay connect

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    • Are you serious?

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  • Good,thank you very much for your knowledge

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  • Is that weed?

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  • Taro???

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  • Salam hangat mas. Saya cari buyer daun talas sente belitung dan beneng, apabila ada yang berkenan saya siap jadi supplier. mohon hub wA +6285803269377

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  • ndek blitar arane mbothe utuwo cengkuk

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  • itu mbothe (nama di jawa) 😯 wow

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  • I love Taro

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  • اه هوه قلقاس😂😂😂😂

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  • We call it dalo in Fiji

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  • The real taro is white not purple, 🧐

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  • I think the soil is covered with plastic to retain moisture?

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  • In Trinidad we call it dasheen.We also use the leaves to make a dish called callaloo

    Eugenia BernardEugenia Bernard6 bulan yang lalu
    • Yeah. But those leaves are so big. I am wondering if it's really the same Dasheen bush or a different one.

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  • Huge plant for small little babies

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  • Montagnard jarai we called bua we eat the root like potatoes and the leafs stems we make soup so tasty .

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  • This kind is not original one we have blue Taru plant in South western Ethiopia we call it x'ong in local language.

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  • its also grow in the rep of suriname ( South America )

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  • Seperti nya sama dg lompong , umbinya disebut mbothe.

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  • In Mauritius we call it 'arouille violette ' .. 👍

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  • In west bengal, india 🇮🇳, we call it kochu

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  • That plan is Elephant Ear, we don’t eat the plants but we used it for Lanscape specially for shade, good to know is edible in another country.

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  • enak dibikin kripik

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  • This plant growing wild everywhere in my country..

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    • En Océanie ça pousse partout sur les îles 😉😊😎

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    • Kayanya beda jenis deh

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  • Me gustaría saber si alguien la raza hispana ha comido esto por favor que mande un comentario

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  • Klo tempatku namanya kimpul

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  • It is not delicious,

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  • It's a hard job hard work 👏ありがとうございました💪

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  • Di Indonesia namanya pohon talas...buahnya bisa di goreng...enak

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  • Why taro not yam

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  • I love "Satoimo".

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  • Whaaaaaat as a Pacific islander I never knew the Japanese eat taro as well!

    Mr AMr ATahun Yang lalu
    • @Sam Wright right? 😅

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    • Lol.. me too. Polynesia is Taro country

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  • Malysia call "Keladi Bit"...

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  • Good coverage.

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  • oh talas

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  • Cilacap,Indonesia "Lumbu"

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  • the quail bird and pigeon and good delicacies with many vegetables. the two combined make more than a pet ( quail x pigeon ) ウズラの鳥とハトと多くの野菜のおいしい料理。 組み合わせた2つはペット(ウズラxハト)以上のものを作ります перепелиная птица и голубь и хорошие деликатесы со многими овощами. два вместе составляют больше, чем домашнее животное (перепел х голубя) la codorniz ave y paloma y buenos manjares con muchas verduras. los dos combinados hacen más que una mascota (codorniz x paloma)

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  • These are cocoyams in Cameroon we make them bigger than these and harvested after 8 months to 10 months

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  • In Trinidad, West Indies we call it EDDOES. There is a much larger variety called DASHEEN. What we call malanga is not eaten at all , because it scratches your inside when eaten.. Can you give an N P K composition of a fertilizer that is suitable for this plant. The video mentioned a high potassium fertilizer. Many thanks for you response.

    Mohammed AliMohammed AliTahun Yang lalu
  • In my country called 'Talas'

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  • Hi, is there a provider of tools to plant taro like the video? Please inform me

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    • dear friend thanks to send me your offer to my mail info.sogo@yahoo.fr or to add me on your whatsapp 00 237699003905

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  • Inhame?

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  • En guatemala es malanga

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  • Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

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  • Long live Noal farm

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  • super

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  • Healthy food thanks for sharing this video nice, new friend here, stay connected and support each other's.❤️ God bless

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  • Here in the Philippines its called "Gabi" 😎

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  • Ada ubi Ada talas, Ada budi Ada balas. Literally it's mean, there's cassava and there's taro...there your gives and theres your reward...That's quotes about if u give kindness than u will rewarded with kindness too..

    arata yukiarata yukiTahun Yang lalu
  • কৃষি প্রযুক্তি খুব ভালো লেগেছে

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  • Oh my taro😍🍠

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  • Yess.. Very delicious.. Fried, cooked, baked 👍😋😋😋

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  • This is a very common vegetable in India we call it arbi n it is very tasty only if you know how to cook or else it will cause itching inside your throat

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  • Me gusta mucho la casa de celeste los árboles precioso

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  • Awesome, great Japanese farming. Let the good earth produce .

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  • In India it is extensively used in NE and eastern India, the stems are also used to cook it is very tasty known as Kochu in Bengal there are more varieties but usually find it to the plate in summer and rainy seasons

    Sanjay SutradharSanjay SutradharTahun Yang lalu
  • In Samoa we call it, fuge ulu...

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  • karlang

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  • In sri lanka we named kiriala.very tasty food.but very heaty. We are cookin with coconut milk..various kind of. These in slanka

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  • Natong

    dude's tvdude's tvTahun Yang lalu
  • In Java we have some variants of taro; Talas, Bentul, Mbothe, Keladi, lompong.. they are similar but different..

    Anang SugiartoAnang SugiartoTahun Yang lalu
    • @Green Blue susah bibit x cari mas, aku cuma ada beberapa batang aj dkt sawah, sama panen x hampir setahun

      Wahyu RamadhaniWahyu Ramadhani13 hari yang lalu
    • Kalo taro ini setahu kami di jepang sama dg bentul di jawa. Dahulu bentul ditanam di sawah sawah di indonesia. Tapi karena marketing yg ga sebagus jepang dg taronya alhasil bentul kurang mendunia. Padahal barangnya sama. Terutama kaum muda2 lebih kenal taro dari jepang untuk campuran makanan atau es2 yg dijual di mall daripada bentul yg cuma berkembang di level desa, dan itupun dahulu kala. Entah dulu bibit bentul dibawa masa penjajahan jepang atau memang sudah asli tumbuh di Indonesia.

      Green BlueGreen Blue22 hari yang lalu
    • kimpul

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    • Di daerahku pohonya namanya lumbu. Umbinya namanya banten sama basil

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    • kalo didaerah kami namya Keladi

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  • Taro is so yummy!

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