Japan Tobacco Farming - Japan Tobacco Harvest - Asian Tobacco Cultivation Technology

18 Sep 2019
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The cultivation of tobacco usually takes place annually. The tobacco is germinated in cold frames or hotbeds and then transplanted to the field until it matures. It is grown in warm climates with rich, well-drained soil. About 4.2 million hectares of tobacco were under cultivation worldwide in 2000, yielding over seven million tonnes of tobacco
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  • هذه الصين وليست اليابان ... اليابان لاتزرع التبغ ... اما الصين في المرتبه الاولى عالميا في زراعة التبغ

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  • So much manual labor.

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  • What is the spacing for your tobacco pls

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  • Sorry Noal'but in this video you post same time tobbaco and cucumber small plants:try to do your best even you make the cuttings for your videos:i'm a farmer in Romania and i know the diference.

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  • Better not to publish such video about the tobaccoc which it is dangerous on the health and it can cause cancer and heart diseses,better to delete it and replace it with two vidoes which will restore its lost views in the nearest future.

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  • In indonesia, tobaco farmers very poor, cause high price of chigarate but low cost for farmers.. Support our channel too, by subscribe

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  • those are cucumber seedlings

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  • Wow un sun u drie the tabaco y have to have on dark wow lo cuban the tabaco in Word

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  • Nice farming... is it good business?

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    • Not really anymore, not in the US anywayd but I like to cultivate tobacco for my own personal use in my garden. Very easy to grow

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  • il tabacco è droga e voi la mettete sul mercato

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  • Jepang aja tanam tembakau utk rokok, dan skrg perkebunan tembakau jepang terus dikembangkan. Kebun tembakau kita...... Malah di matikan, oleh para pemerintah kita sendiri dgn dalih apapun, akankah kita import tembakau utk mencukupi kebutuhan pabrik rokok dlm negri ???? Apa pabrik rokok mau dimatikan juga ???? Berapa orang yg nganggur.....aduh....

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  • Dulunya Malaysia Salah 1 negara pengeluar tembakau terbesar ... Tapi sayang sedikit demi sedikit tanaman ini di hapuskan menyebabkan ramai petani kehilangan sumber pendapatan

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  • its edible use it for salad.

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    • That would probably kill you. Nicotine poisoning is a thing.

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  • Its part of nature and can not be blamed for ill effects to human.

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  • What a waste of limited arable land and resources to grow a poison. I guess growing food is not as profitable as growing tobacco.

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  • That's all??? In the USA some states will pay farmers not to grow tobacco.

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  • more toxic e-cigarette/vape than tobaccos :D

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  • Yes it is a cultivated plant but it’s use has killed millions. Think that should cause it to be deleted.

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