Japanese Green Tea Cultivation - Green Tea Farm - Green Tea Harvest and Processing

19 Mei 2020
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Green tea production is a long process, including the growing of tea bushes and the processing of tea leaves. Tea leaf processing is divided into two steps, the primary processing of freshly picked tea leaves into crude tea, and the finishing process in which crude tea is made into finished tea leaves.
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  • This is amazingly tea 🍵 farming

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  • With all that tea processed with pesticide scary

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  • Can someone name the music in the beginning.

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  • When America can just use water and rice to make a harmless pesticide: Fake News

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  • pesticides? my green tea drinking days are officially over

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  • Ồ nhật bản họ làm nông ngiệp xanh đẹp và tốt ha

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  • Excellent quality tea!!

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  • > nó làm thế này thì người dân chỉ ngồi nhà chờ cứu trợ xã hội mà thôi !!!

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  • Your videos are amazing, all of your videos I watch from start to finish, I hope you make more new videos, thank you

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  • Very. Nice

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  • this is tea, not potato. I have to say this kind of mass harvest way is totally wrong. good video though

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  • There are three types of normal and common teas in India. Ginger tea. Plain tea. Jaggery tea. These teas contain milk. These are not vegan teas. These are regular teas.

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  • 日本,把什么都能做成艺术,怎能不发达!

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  • Amazing

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  • Amazing....Di Jepang semuanya serba canggih....

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  • I wonder if you could also use diatomaceous earth as a pesticide. But maybe it is more limited than rice

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  • I love how this video excels at combining the visual and the audio parts: it starts out with classical music, somehow switches to Irish pub music and then, without any transition phase, changes to some kind of Euro-Trance when the machines start wiggling their parts. In some ingenious way of planning (or chance), the music always fits the pictures perfectly. Congrats!

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  • This like an anime and the machines is the heroine.

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  • Once the harvesting machine gets to the end of harvesting one row of tea bushes, how do they turn it around for the next?

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  • I hv seen tea presentation in many Japanese dramas...

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  • 好美的田园景色

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  • I have drinking Japanese green(osk) since few years almost 10 year taste really unique .@ classic.& hygiene. modern equipment.

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  • Thank you very much

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  • More information how to make the tea basket

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  • Natural gift from Allah (GOD) 🙏❤🌲🌏

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  • Saya pernah melihat perkebunan seperti ini di kota Malang Jawa Timur, Indonesia tahun 1996.

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  • Recently I HV done my research on tea plant nd in love with tea this is more informative thnkx

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  • Die Pest wurde im Mittelalter ausgerottet. Der Begriff „Pestizide“ kommt von Leuten, die keine Ahnung haben.

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  • 12:18 you can tell Japan is hot on their worker welfare when he has spine protection. Setting a good example

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  • 最後那個員工是不是有穿戴補助式的助力護具

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  • Nice video. But I dont like green tea...

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  • Just wondering how much effort they are putting for tea leaves.. n in Darjeeling, India everything is growing naturally even though the industry is struggling to survive

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  • Love the no pesticide but a natural formula of pest control 👏give me japanese tea 🍵 please

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  • I am drinking green tea frap while watching this video, I couldn’t understand why over 300 dislike the video, they don’t like tea or they just don’t like farm?

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    • Those are ignorant people who know anything about the world. Anything outside their tiny, often violent world is like the planet Mars to them.

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  • Amzing technology! Not like my village😅

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  • Everything is good but Japan is very costly..

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  • Where can I buy Noal Farm tea? Is there an online shop?

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  • How I wish the Philippines will have a technology like this. We only have 2 seasons. We can cultivate this on a whole rear round basis. God bless to all!

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    • PH's climate, I believe, is not the best for tea production. Well, maybe on certain elevations. However, PH's climate is good for coffee and cacao productions.

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    • The only problem we have is lack of support in our agricultural sector. Because the government is more focus on industrialization

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