Japan Giant Bean Sprout Farming and Harvesting - Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology

2 Apr 2019
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Japan giant bean sprouts is the famous winter vegetables "Ohori Onsen moyashi", known since ancient times.
This is one of the traditional vegetables grown over 350 years by the only unique farming method in the hot spring town using only the heat of hot springs and hot spring water. Ohori Onsen's secret is incense Unique taste and crisp texture, good taste, high quality.
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  • What separates japan from all other countries when it comes to raw food materials is that they always have it well presented and makes sure they themselves are well sanitized when they make it which is why their products are much of the time of at highest quality be it in market or streets. They're the best example in which I hope the world will look up on. Other than japan I'd vouch for Russia. Pres. Putin really does his well for his people.

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  • 12 years farming experienced enabled me to easily see their secrets. I can easily grow this sprout. I have grew Bean Spouts from Mung Beans before when I lived in a country. A few years back I saw that people have been using Soy Bean to make Soy Bean Sprouts. If they are not grown with expert techques, the Sprout will not be tasty & taste terrible. Soy Bean Sprouts required some techques to achive good quality & tastes.

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  • in Indonesia it's also called "Tauge" if in japan the sprouts grow from soya bean but in indonesia the sprouts grow from mungbean :D. orang indonesia kalo salah koreksi yaa hehee

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    • The soil make them fat mainly. Thus grow a lot slower. It drank a lot of water to grow fast. I am seeing this happening to two of my Tomato plant. I put two outside with all that it needs. One with water only & a high watts lighting. The one indoor grew 3X faster. But the stalks are skinny. Those outside grew 3X slower but strong tree & branches. Much stirdier. The Japanese expert here used some good combination to achieves what they want out of it. They make it big & stirdy stalks. Impressive.

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