Awesome Cauliflower Cultivation Technology - Cauliflower Farming and Harvesting Machine

23 Mei 2020
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Cauliflower is one of the most important winter vegetables grow in India. It is a European origin probably develop from broccoli. Cauliflower plays an important role in the human diet due to its attractive appearance, good taste, and Its nutritive rich value.
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  • Thanks alot my dear Noal ❤️ amazing video! with Noal permission, we HIRING FARMERS in Australia now and later, email me your resume asap at

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    • Hello, are you still hiring now with the COVID?

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    • Thank you

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  • Noal please add how was the seed of crops produced and then how it has been grown....

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    • Should be

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  • Is it ..the same or .deperent ..cabbage...and ..cauliflower...

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  • Inceible toda la comida que llega a nuesta mesa viene de un arduo. Trabajo benditas las manos que lo trabajan no tiermos la comida porfavor cocinemos lo nesesario y compremos lo nesesario dios los bendiga

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  • must be hard to pick a lot long day ahead

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  • Video is just fine, but its too friking hard to constantly switch between the text and picture. Please return voice comments. Please

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  • We grow cauliflower

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  • Excellent video Keep it up Making more videos on agriculture crops.

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  • I need a job.... At your farm.. Is there Vegiteble picker or packing job available

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  • in india this all done without any machine but farmers get 0.1 dollar per kg this is sad

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  • Kalau kerja kaya gini enak jadi kita menghisap udara segar ga trkurung jadi ga suntuk.kalau dalam gedung kaya tekanan penjara.ini bagian luar y.kali y.dari luar kedalam gedung gila mantep.

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  • Best technique of cauliflower is in india.

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  • This takes so much man power in my india also many farmers grow cauliflower and pack in bags with only 3 people in one day pack minimum 100 bags of 55kg with no help of machine that's why india is great in natural agriculture.

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  • This is how they grow brains to feed the zombie hordes

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  • Hopefully GMO Free cauliflowers

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  • Industrial Farming

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  • Sorry to say but that is the shittest work you can do in your life. Bending down for 8 hours and cutting the flowers in very humid field. Next day Boss need to find more workers to do the work, because these worker are having back pain. These works are getting money which is just a joke as compared to the money which is made by the corporatea on the top. I know all that because i am also an agriculture worker. This is seriously very hard work.

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  • Noal Farm,are these the cauliflowers that we eat?Because yesterday I ate cauliflowers and they were delicious!Seriously.If those are the cauliflowers that you grown.Thanks a lot!

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  • Wow, nothing like what I attempt to grow. In fact, I gave up. Great, I found out a few things I had never heard before. Tie the tops to keep the sun out to avoid them turning yellow and losing their flavor and remove the rubber band 1 1/2 month later. A bit too late for me to start from seed, we have a short growing season, and most seedling sold are grown with chemicals, but I can try it next year.

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