Awesome Hanging Hydroponic Melon Greenhouse - Japan Agriculture Technology - Hanging Melon Harvest

17 Jun 2020
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Hanging Hydroponic Melon is a unique Japanese method in which melons are grown and hung in greenhouses.
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  • very melon!

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  • Amazing

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  • Inspiring videos live it.

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  • noal farm selalu menyajikan cara bertanam dgn hasil yg baik

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  • Todo barbaro pero por favor en éspÑol

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  • I was in Japan and see the actual price of their was crazy..!!! Absolutely crazy..100 US dollars each or $ 5 dollars per tiny slice..!!!our cantaloupe is much better taste ..!!!

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  • Saya selalu senang saat channel ini menyuguhkan video yang selalu luar biasa❤️❤️👍👍

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  • Ngak terasa nonton sampai habis ..... video ini sangat menginspirasi saya . Makasih atas videonya sangat bermafaat, jika berkenan kasih feed back ke channel saya, di tunggu ya...

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  • Where do you order these seeds

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  • You can tell she's faked it before.

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  • $1200 for 6? This seems like en error.. Can't be this high..

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    • @Noal Farm wow, I just saw another video on it. And they really do sell for $200 each.. Unbelievable..

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    • yes. can if you buy it in japan

      Noal FarmNoal Farm2 bulan yang lalu
  • Bismillah. Terimakasih Noal Farm,,, engkau banyak memberikan ilmu pengetahuan kpd kami. Kami jadi tahu aneka tumbuhan, aneka buah2an, & sayur2an. 👍👍👍

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  • Banyak petani melon di Indonesia tapi sistemnya tradisional

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  • Menggunakan tali apa yah untuk menggantungkan melon nya? Thanks a lot

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  • Tôi muốn mua hạt giống ở Việt Nam có bán không?

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  • Best melons on earth from Afghanistan jalalabad

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  • salam tani lur,yuk subrek juga kebun saya,tekan tombol merahnya

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  • So what they saying is if you know how to grow cantaloupe move to Japan and become a millionaire in 1 summer

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  • I am curious about how to plant melons so that they can produce dense fruit? In first video Please share... How to plant it.

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    • It also has to do with the seed and environment.

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  • Wiihh mantap

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  • very nice a a good video to show how to grow my melons - Cheers Ray

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  • Crazy, on my little town on Mexico. we produce each one of those for 50 cents, with non of all that trash they put it in.

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    • @Jon If you have the opportunity please do, you won´t regret it.

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    • @Mangel Maldonado I would love to grow such a mexican melon in my town.

      JonJon2 bulan yang lalu
    • Same, the pink melon we grow in México it´s even sweeter than the asian variety, but it goes bad sooner, yet I feel the taste of the mexican melon is better and softer.

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  • The best natural melons are in Afghanistan ♥️, no question about it

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  • Научились таки делать дыни из пластмассы, зато красивые.

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  • 0:48 - 0:50 what is song?

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  • I have a dream that one day I can live in Japan and make many Japanese friends.

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    • @jack morgan thats right...

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    • And you can ask them; "Please show me your melons"...

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  • Thank you for the video

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  • How to control EC and pH for hydroponic planting. I was planted for 1tree 2melons, the pH keep going down. And how to get F1 Crown melon seeds?

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  • $1200 ! Seeds were taken from heaven ?

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  • Just melons !!!!!!!

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  • In Iraq box 5 dollars 😂😂

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    • In Japan they have cheap ones too, about $1.75 each or $10 a box. These are just perfectly taken care of with more concentrated nutrients in the water.

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  • Where van I learn more about this type of melon farming hydroponic style?

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  • Tutto mi sarei aspettato di vedere coltivato i idrocultura ma il melone che ha un fabbisogno di acqua limitato sara buono come il iolly che coltivo io che grado zuccherino avro quello che coltivi tu avra la stessa Pezzatura ma la bonta?

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  • Is this Melons Genetic modified?or not?how can get some seeds if not modified Thanks

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  • Please any one can tell me what's kind of Melons and the names thanks

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    • It looks like a Rock Melon. That's what we call them here in Brisbane, Australia.

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    • Called Cantaloupe in some places...very easy to grow in garden..

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    • Musk melon

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  • At that price, you can keep it! I don't care how delicious it is!

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    • I can sell u one melon for 1.5-2$, u can keep ur 198$ for each😁

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  • Es impresionante la cantidad de mugre que generan para vender 6 melones de pésima calidad

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  • Those honey melons are selling USD55.00 each, can you afford one? Perhaps get a second mortgage to pay for it if you really like Japanese honey melon.

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  • where can i get the seeds?

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    • From heaven..

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    • From heaven...

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    • ЗДОРОВО!

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  • Did you mean 1200 $ usd?

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    • yes

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  • But why its so expensive?

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    • Their food!

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    • Так же и с клубникой.

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    • А в тупом постсовеЦком пространстве, где места немерено для таких теплиц, дыни и арбузы по-прежнему выращивают на земле, в грязи. Любит народ раком писдячить😆😆😆😆и не ищет лёгких путей.

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  • I will not buy it in that price($200 each) even if I am a millioner,why? because no one can trick me and take my money.

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