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5 Apr 2019
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Japanese ginger (Zingiber mioga) is in the same genus as ginger but, unlike true ginger, its roots are not edible. The shoots and buds of this plant, also known as myoga ginger, are edible and can be used like an herb in cooking. Japanese ginger uses aren’t limited to food, though; this pretty perennial can also add visual interest to the garden.
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  • How carefully and beautifully they work.

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  • I love Japan... Who is the owner of the video

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  • Please explain the spacing and which type rotary you need . I so interested please help me to get that information .

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  • awesome video about ginger... thank you for sharing. hope you continue to make videos like this..cheers!

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  • I like the background music. Can I get it?

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  • An excelent report

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  • They are using mask before corona too .

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  • Beautiful! How I wish I could plant too

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  • Ginger lovers from Indonesia

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    • Coconut

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  • very good, they use machines for farming, but they also don't forget their human resources far different from my village, everything is done traditionally 😅🤔

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  • I have red ginger, elephant ginger, yellow turmeric, black turmeric, white turmeric. if anyone is interested please contact me at the email to buy ginger and turmeric : kartusejahterahss@gmail.com im from indonesia

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  • Founded out by tamilian

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  • I am ginger farmer from India it seems your out put of ginger very less comparatively

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    • We first ginger farmers im Europe and we have more output..

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  • good video

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  • Hi

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  • The Japanese has very high standards of quality and cleanliness,no shoddy or dodgy product,hopefully,people will learn from them.

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  • Please am in GHANA and I Am also in to ginger farming. Please i wont to export it to the foreign market.

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  • hello we are ginger farmers in Indonesia, very many ginger, maybe anyone interested may contact us at Email. payunggolf@yahoo.com

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  • I hope I will come back Japan for work as farmer again I was intern trainee for 6 months at itabashi kawakami mura nagano Ken Japan I was happy for being apart of your country then my Hope's and longing is to comeback again and to have a working Visa that's my dream and I am finding someone helping

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  • 1:01 - 1:08 what is the multiplication factor? meaning, one chunk of ginger used as a 'seed ginger' will give you how many chunks?

    dragon flydragon fly6 bulan yang lalu
    • @shyju s Simply put, (1kg/50g) or 1000/50, then it means from 1 chunk you get 20 chucks.

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    • Lets say a pice of ginger weighing about 50 gram can yeild 1kg or more depending on the condition.

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  • Very nice product.. Iam farmer in the Philippines I have a 4 hectrs land I like to put the land ginger.. The problem is how to sale in the market.. Would u like to help me..

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  • Wanted to give a dislike because of the subtitles but this video is beautiful

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  • Wondering to have one heavy equipement to plant ginger. Like this and motivati me.

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  • Can't stop picturing delicious steamed seabass with pureed ginger and garlic, with a dash of rice wine and light soy sauce. Yummy!

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  • Its very nice to see their doing very cleanly way

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  • This is really a new way to plant ginger for me. You don't cut the rhizome... How many kilos of seedling time product how many tonnes on harvesting time? Thank you. (So, usually people divide like this the rhizome fr.wikihow.com/faire-pousser-du-gingembre)

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  • Hello. My Ginger flowers from the bottom. Do you know what becomes of the flower pods? Do they become plants, can they be planted? I see each has a root still attached to it. Thank you!!

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    • @mari gold Thank you!!

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    • You can use the flower for making stews and in salads while it's still green . But if you let it bloom nothing will happen no seeds so better to consume it

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    • Gsjdujfjxjcudi

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    • ,

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  • Amazing video on ginger cultivation in Japan

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  • I'm ginger farmer from India and I will like to discuss about practices of ginger cultivation and share some knowledge and gain from Japanese ginger farmers

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  • WoW ! I'm glad I click this video ..I enjoy watching and how they harvested and plant them..I'll remember this Myoga ginger.

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