Asian Agriculture Technology Farm - Cassava Cultivation Farming and Harvesting

19 Jun 2019
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Cassava, one type of starchy tuberous bulb, a perennial tree grows in tropical and subtropical areas which are consumed by the people as a food. Basically, cassava farming is mainly done in South America and surrounding tropical countries. Cassava farming can be done with potato farming, rice farming, and maize farming.
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  • What is the cassava

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  • In kokborok language it is called thabochoo

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  • Farmer-Worker On Instagram Helped Me With My Farming Business, Now My Business As Develop So Fast.

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  • hello happy harvest everybody you got a week to get all your plants picked and Seed it the first freeze is November 1st now you have to have everything to the market and fill up your are containers of the silver containers with the food in it yes because you don't you're going to miss the Harvest city of blessings your way!! and don't forget you've got to get your cows in by the end of the week 60 load to get the higher meat price same thing with the pigs and chickens cuz if you don't you and I know when the first freeze happens November 1st nobody works in the snow and mud because your tractors get stuck and you lose everything the price right now is this 14.25,.15.25,. now after the freeze your price will go down to this and you won't be able to pay any of your workers you lose your land your house in the bank will foreclose it's half of what your price is now,.7.25,.8.25,.9.25,.💌🙏🙏🤝💞💞💞💞

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  • If you want more income. After the cassava harvest, let the land rest for two weeks then plant peanut. Peanut is good because it absorb nitrogen. Nitrogen is best for plants

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    • it call cross planting.

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  • ഞങ്ങൾ മലയാളികളുടെ പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ട ഒരു കാർഷികവിളയാണ് കപ്പ കൃഷി😋🇮🇳

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  • Woow really a big farm..... We harvested biggest cassava year 2017.. It's really big like you can't believe it!... Here's the link if you want to see biggest cassava ever... 😊 ❤️

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  • Cassava contain thiocyanate which can worsen iodine deficiency.

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  • Are you kidding, this is one of our standard food In West Africa. And let me tell you, the best part of this plant is the leaves. You can get a very delicious cassava leave soup from a Liberian restaurant or friend.

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    • @Elias Monteiro Oh wow, you have a whole cassava farm. What a blessing. Then I must visit your farm. I missed eating fresh grown farm food. My family also had a farm where we grew many crops like cassava, rice, plantines, banana, sweat potatoes, peppers, white and red eldors, and many other native crops. Anyways, Is cari the same Gari? Gari is made from the cassava as well, and is more popular in the West African Nigerian culture. In Liberia, we use the cassava in many ways for food, but never heard or known of alcohol. Maybe other parts of African countries may used it for alcohol that I am not aware of. But anyway, that is very interesting!!

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    • @Stephenie Perry i have the cassava in my farm, the bitter and sweet. i just never heard of cooking the leaves. we mainly just use it to bake cassava bread and farine, cari a local alcohol breverage and tapioca.

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    • @Tehanita Baretto Well is a long process, not a sample dish to make. I don't know how to say this, but let me just say I'm speaking from my own cultural life experiences. I'm from Liberia, West Africa. And my cultural experience is, we do not cook with recipes. Learning to cook in my culture is done by observation. Everything is done from scratch. So if you have not cooked this b4, it will be difficult 4 U to get it right. With that been said, I can look around online 4a video of someone preparing this dish. If not, I could mayB try to do a video myself sometime later in the feature. The cassava itself can be found in an Oriental store or African store. Chicken or beef can be use for meat. You will also need palm oil as well. And the list goes on.....

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    • How do I cook the leaves?

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