Awesome Modern Agricultural Machinery Harvest and Process You May NEVER SEEN BEFORE

29 Jun 2020
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Awesome Modern Agricultural Machinery Harvest and Process You May NEVER SEEN BEFORE
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  • Nossa está mulher é fera nesta máquina agrícola, colheitadeira top demais 👍👏👏👏👏

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  • Good job my friend

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  • Almost all those machines are normal and used every day

    Sasha SironiSasha SironiBulan Yang lalu
  • Bagus sekali pengerjaan nya

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  • Hello very beautiful, the most beautiful greeting to you from Iraq, a fan of agriculture, but the situation in Iraq does not help

    علي رزاق عمران موسئعلي رزاق عمران موسئ3 bulan yang lalu
  • The strawberry picking machines seem abit slow. I wonder how fast can they pick strawberries?

    latonya green-warnerlatonya green-warner3 bulan yang lalu
  • Bạn là người nước nào???

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  • ¿Habran videos del campo mexicano?

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  • ..who cares what's being harvested ..WHAT A RAKE...🐲🐲🐲

    Sandra WardSandra Ward3 bulan yang lalu
  • In which part of this world this super technology is using ???? ........ Which country is practicing this sophisticated farming????.....can any one answer???

    sowjanya machanisowjanya machani3 bulan yang lalu
  • I too am interested it what is being harvested

    James GemmillJames Gemmill3 bulan yang lalu
  • Thanks for sharing.

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  • Tuyệt vời

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  • Komostaka?,Noal I've found a farming channel in the following link,it is similar to your secret place which you get these videos from, but contact them for copyright,good luck. idworlds.infoabout

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  • Mesinnya Mantap 👍

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  • Nice !!! 👍👍👍Thanks for sharing

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  • *Did you hear about the bread factory burning down?* They say the business is toast.

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  • 😍😍👏

    Luiza RodriguesLuiza Rodrigues3 bulan yang lalu
  • I enjoy your channel but you need more close ups and tell us what the crop is. I did not care for this video. Keep trying and improving. God bless

    betty rbetty r3 bulan yang lalu
    • You did not care but me as a Horticulturist really loved the video and hope they show more mechanised videos. It's not always about the crop (harvesting) , videos about other stages of process are important aswell.

      prespres3 bulan yang lalu
  • Like this video, like coment. 😘😘

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  • Strawberry is the hydroponic system aa?

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  • ما شاء الله ، تقدم زراعي متطور ، هنيئا لكم ،🙋💫

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  • Morden agriculture its so amazing am impressed

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  • Fabulous

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  • Awesome

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  • What would be awesome would to know what was being harvested

    Eric haskellEric haskell3 bulan yang lalu
    • Artichokes

      ashwani lambaashwani lamba3 bulan yang lalu
    • @yeagerxp allium species

      J Clemn TurnerJ Clemn Turner3 bulan yang lalu
    • Why is the first crop being harvested by a sickle bar mower?

      Goji300Goji3003 bulan yang lalu
    • Can't identify first crop. second is tea being harvested, third is hay harvesting. fourth is strawberries, the rest is spraying and weeding.

      yeagerxpyeagerxp3 bulan yang lalu
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Which country is this?

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  • Fast samosa maker

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  • These machines, medicines and fertilizers. There is no taste left in the world as if these are very nice things. For the three or five imperialists and capitalists, the whole world has become a toy for human enemies. Damn your system and your understanding of humanity. Hail to all the exploited people from Istanbul.

    Sinan YücelSinan Yücel3 bulan yang lalu
    • @linda fox I'm not against mechanization. Drugs that are harmful to humans, genetically engineered seeds. For the ambition of money, they have finished what is called taste in the world. Everything is not money, they end humanity. I'm a bad person, you're right. Because I think people have the right to a better life.

      Sinan YücelSinan Yücel3 bulan yang lalu
    • I guess you’d like all your exploited people to get out there to till, plant, care for and harvest by hand? The world would grow hungry very fast without these machines. They were developed from demand. Okay, I’ll give you the mechanical strawberry picker. That did seem a bit ridiculous.

      linda foxlinda fox3 bulan yang lalu
    • Grow your own food.

      Eric haskellEric haskell3 bulan yang lalu
  • It's pretty amazing machinery but all I can focus on is the amount of pesticide spraying. Do they ever let the land rest? Modern farming practices are going to end up killing everyone and they won't need those machines anymore.

    Pied PiperPied Piper3 bulan yang lalu
    • Not all spraying was pesticide. Spraying potato crop against potato blight. Spraying fruit trees to protect trees, can't use chemicals harmful to pollinators, specially bees. The fruit growers have to hire bee companies to pollinate the flowers so they can get a big crop. The bee companies don't want their bees getting killed because they also get the honey.

      yeagerxpyeagerxp3 bulan yang lalu
    • Maybe they are spraying something organic, non harmful such as neem oil.

      Eric haskellEric haskell3 bulan yang lalu
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  • Corona virus won't last long because it was made in China.

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