Awesome Agriculture Technology - Europe Melon Farming and Harvest

23 Jan 2020
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There are 250 types of melon grown in France, in a broad spectrum of flavours, shapes and colours. The most popular, and the variety currently adorning shelves across France, is the “Charentais”, France is one of Europe’s major melon producers, with an annual production of around 300,000 tonnes . Poitou-Charentes in south west France accounts for 23% of production, and as such is the largest producer.
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  • Recogliere per il agriulturale bravo

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  • nice video, thanks for upload

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  • good

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  • What kind of melon is this?

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  • 잘 봤습니다.

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  • It's sad to see that their picked to green. They get to the consumer,green. And wait for a week before you cut them. Still hard as a rock,green. It's uneatable. And a waste,oh,imported melons l don't buy anymore. Sorry !

    Mike RethmelMike Rethmel8 bulan yang lalu
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  • I love Noal farm .That's great method agricuture!

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  • do you know about (vigna marina)?

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  • From where did u get this video?

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    • if you don't want to share publicly you can send here :

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  • Wooow so amazing I like it

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  • My favoriteone of my dream workin and harvesting fruits abroad

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  • You lost me at nylon planting strips

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  • The European melon farm is really dig and great. Melon looks very sweet and delicious

  • I have tasted the Taiwanese yellow crunchy melon but never the French one. Wish i could try some day.

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  • I can imagine how good it smell inside the factory.🤤

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  • Beautiful Mah sha Allah

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  • Likealways

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  • The European melon farm is really dig and great. Melon looks very sweet and delicious.🍈🍈🍈🍈🍈🍈🍈🍈🍈

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  • sanaol farm

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  • my back hurts just seeing this

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  • Very good i Love farming please i want to work with you

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  • The uniqueness of this video is step by step growing melon until its harvest..

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  • Wow wow very nice

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  • Hey Noal, if you make your videos just over 10 minutes long, youtube for some reason pays you much more for your videos. Not sure why but I've heard this all over youtube, maybe try it and see. :)

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    • @Noal Farm hii

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    • I know that. but making 10min too long and unattractive is not respecting the audience. a little bit but viewers like it. just enough with me

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