Colorful Japanese Grape Garden - Famous and Expensive Grape Harvest - Japanese Grape Farm

26 Sep 2020
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Japan is a country famous for the most expensive fruits in the world. That is because for the Japanese, they regard fruit as the gems of agriculture, cherishing them as respecting the peasants' efforts. Especially the grapes.
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    • They even hearted your comment. You are absolutely correct. Did you see how many of lower grapes were cut off so the grapes towards the stems terminal buds would be bigger. They make up for that loss by charging so much. Most companies that produce things are very efficient and don’t let many things to go to waste or sell their waste to another industry that can use it

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  • *Japanese grapes and fruits are expensive because they charge the customers for the fruits they deliberately throw away. This is Japanese capitalism: cultivate the fruits for the benefit of the rich and powerful! The poor doesn't even get to eat the fruits that are deliberately discarded!*

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