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3 Jul 2020
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Pistachio trees have grown in the Middle East for thousands of years. Pistachios have always been a desired delicacy in this region. Pistachios are mentioned in the Old Testament
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  • Thanks alot my dear Noal ❤️ amazing video! with Noal permission, we HIRING FARMERS in Australia now and later, email me your resume asap at

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    • vidya sagar please check the announcement for staff hiring

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    • @Anh Dao kindly look into me, and let me know where can I fit in farming, I am from India,and looking for this cultivation

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  • What kind of climate conditions to grow pistachio. .I have land in utarpradesh where we are doing wheat crop .so same land I can use for pistachio.

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  • Can a pistachio tree survive minus ten degrees Celsius?

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  • อื้อหือ..มีคัดแต่ละสีด้วย

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  • Peanuts do not belong to any country. It is a species seen in various parts of the world. Its homeland extends to Central Asia, the Mediterranean, Anatolian lands and Eastern Europe.

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  • They planted a trees and waited more than a decade to start a business.

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  • Any job opportunities in farm?

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  • i will be the one who will pick left over on ground 😂

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  • Mantap banget pabrik kacangnya luar biasah dan amanah bosku

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  • Did you miss a step: separating the seed from the fruit?

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  • Grata pelo vídeo.

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  • I am kurd from turkey. We say olive should inherite from your grandfather, pistachio should inherite from father. It is meaning these trees should be old for good harvest. We are harvesting them with hand because it is delicate tree. And we harvest them immature sometimes because immature pistachio is using for baklava. last thing, fresh pistachio taste is too different than refined one. This is too sad most people don't know how it taste. I like the fresh ones.

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    • @abc abc dry, hot weather.

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    • Wow, I didn't know that. What are the climatic requirements for it to grow ?

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  • In Indonesia its known as kacang Arab. 😋

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  • do the trees feel giddy after being shaken so sexily?

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  • Why do some pistachios have a small hole on the tip of the nut?

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  • Can pistachio be planted in Malaysia? I'm interested to plant it in a small scale.

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  • Of all the videos I watch every time are the bees that pollenize the plants ... We better stop the pesticides quickly before nothing grows.

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  • In the aerial view of the trees while its harvested its feels like there something naughty happing under the bush.. great content bro

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    • Hahaha all of the worker are male i think

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  • Soon Turkey's going be the biggest seller in the market of pistachio nuts. We're farmer of pistachio nuts anyone interested to bu buy contract me

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