Japan Green Onion Farm And Harvest - Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #35

17 Mar 2019
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This Video summary provides an overview of green onion growing, harvesting, and post harvesting practices.
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  • This is still considered low tech harvesting and processing.

    T DT D27 hari yang lalu
  • 농업의 미래를 봅니다. 대파농사 대단합니다.

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  • nice video, thanks for upload

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  • whats the specific name of those green onions??

    carlos gomezcarlos gomez2 bulan yang lalu
  • There’s only 1 reason I’m here and her name is Miku. 💙

    Suika Suki-chan 39Suika Suki-chan 392 bulan yang lalu
  • It's a bit wasteful. Some edible leaves have been cut off.

    Trump MoonriseTrump Moonrise3 bulan yang lalu
  • pesticides really

    YO!YO!3 bulan yang lalu
  • Wow... 6:12 the white part is so long.

    goosecouplegoosecouple4 bulan yang lalu
  • I thought Japanese people hated the unions family especially Garlic..hmmm..they used to call Korean people Garlic eaters..🤐😂🤔

    peace leaderpeace leader6 bulan yang lalu
  • those are leeks son

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez6 bulan yang lalu
  • Ese pobre hombre que anda fumigando con el tiempo le puede dar cáncer con los pesticidas

    Zoila GonzalezZoila Gonzalez8 bulan yang lalu
  • These are literally asian leeks aren't they? A less fibrous version than the European leeks. Asians use leeks for stir fry and Westerners use it for making leeks soup.

    berry moreberry more9 bulan yang lalu
  • Yeah~ Cesium rich green onion!

    곰고미곰고미11 bulan yang lalu

    GJ StoriesGJ StoriesTahun Yang lalu
  • Major pesticide spraying

    ALOHA. AKALOHA. AKTahun Yang lalu
  • Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

    oneshot_meoneshot_meTahun Yang lalu
  • 日本人真是做到了极致

    Bin LongBin LongTahun Yang lalu
  • Pesticide should be easily sprayed by a semi-automated machine. It's looks like a health hazard to the man sprayed it manually.

    Emilia CEmilia CTahun Yang lalu
  • Planting and harvest are advanced, but spraying the pesticide is still pretty primitive. I'm sure someone could make an artificially intelligent buggy robot that will roam the fields spraying whatever chemicals are needed at just the right amount.

    Mark ReavesMark ReavesTahun Yang lalu
  • É super delicioso!!!

    Marcio MMarcio MTahun Yang lalu
  • A very different green onion than those found in the states.

    Eric haskellEric haskellTahun Yang lalu
  • Nice

    shyam kumarshyam kumarTahun Yang lalu
  • Japanese people are so intelligent ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

    Micheal KorsMicheal KorsTahun Yang lalu
  • This are not green onions!!! These are a different plant very close to the onion...

    • U r right brothr

      Nasir MahmoodNasir MahmoodTahun Yang lalu
  • Farfetch'd personal weapon lol

    Iggie AtreydesIggie AtreydesTahun Yang lalu
  • Holy shit, i would love to take some those to the lab. WHat thaT GUY WAS SPRAYING, WAS WAYYYYYYY TO MUCH AT ANY CONCENTRATION

    Oil Rig JobsOil Rig JobsTahun Yang lalu
  • Jepang jelemana kos arurang, pagawean meni rapih, machinena canggih, kualitas produk super, diurang mah katinggalen jauhh, iraha tuh Indonesia kos Jepang.

    On ComOn ComTahun Yang lalu
  • Hey Noah, while at it, you should document all the farmers on how the pesticides effect their health.

    Young TangYoung TangTahun Yang lalu
    • Therefore you have the organic version.

      berry moreberry more9 bulan yang lalu
    • That's the dark side of Agriculture.. Not many are willing to talk about it. Mosanto...

      Jibril SanekoJibril SanekoTahun Yang lalu
  • In Sweden they are called Purjolök lök=leek

    Balubish TechBalubish TechTahun Yang lalu
  • Great...monoculture, pesticides and soil exhaustion (from the looks)... I hoped the Japanese might be different

    J 1980J 1980Tahun Yang lalu
  • This almost reminds me of a leek...

    TheWicklunds25TheWicklunds25Tahun Yang lalu
    • Jibril Saneko its not leek, just look like it...

      carlos gomezcarlos gomez2 bulan yang lalu
    • It's leek..

      Jibril SanekoJibril SanekoTahun Yang lalu
  • This variety looks like the type with the long white portion... I always thought the tokyo bunching onions were smaller in stature. I have seen this type advertised on different seed companies. Do the Japanese use this onion for the same things they use the smaller bunching type? Green onion ramen, etc...?

    TheWicklunds25TheWicklunds25Tahun Yang lalu
  • 1mens spray 100hectare his superhuman

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  • Consistent looking end product. Amazing.

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  • Does anyone know tittle of song?

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  • Mmmmmmm pesticides. Wash as much as you can, those things will never come off. Wait, are those leeks or onions?

    WalleyeWalleyeTahun Yang lalu
  • Can you improve your english grammar please

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    • @Noal Farm what is your nationality?

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  • This aria is good to hide yamashita treasure

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  • 2:14 their technological advances make it better easier for them to labor plus less workers in the field strugling

    Vi Reina Queen BeeVi Reina Queen BeeTahun Yang lalu
  • Wow delicious green onions

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  • Japan is at least a decade ahead of other countries.

    swarna mohantyswarna mohantyTahun Yang lalu
    • In some areas, yes, in other areas, they are actually behind.

      Mark ReavesMark ReavesTahun Yang lalu
  • Nice video.

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  • I wish i can work in that area, im from Philippines

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  • Atleast the background music fits the video..

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    • I'd rather not have any background music and just listen to the natural sounds.

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  • Green onion

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  • Noal Farm is disgusting for their sheep wool harvesting video. Animal abuse shouldn't be taken lightly.

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    • I don't think anything on this channel is a video they produced, including that sheep shearing video. They are videos from other channels.

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    • Tse!!! Puki mo!

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    • ok just don't buy wool.

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  • hi

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  • To those who are wondering where the seeds come from. When you leave green onions alone, they will flower. When the flower is pollinated, little black seeds are produced. You cut the flowers off, let dry and shake the seeds loose. Keep the seeds in dry container for next planting.

    Jon JonJon JonTahun Yang lalu
  • I have a question: In Japan, Is there somewhere follow the way Fukuoka had done? please reply:)

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  • muito interesante amei o vidio

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    • hi

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  • Nice Video’s ,

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    • Kantutan poh tayo

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  • Perfeito 😍

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  • Wow love the video. It wasn't big enough to be a leek. Hmm.

    Molly SmartMolly SmartTahun Yang lalu
  • Green Onion? Aren't those "Leek"? I'm quite worried about that guy spraying the pesticides, he looks quite exposed around the face area.

    TubersAndPotatoesTubersAndPotatoesTahun Yang lalu
    • Those are NAGA-NEGI. Long onions. Can only get in Japan.

      The Sun Will Rise AgainThe Sun Will Rise AgainTahun Yang lalu
    • Andrei Gabriel It’s called green onion in Australia.

      curiouslysimplecuriouslysimpleTahun Yang lalu
    • @Noal Farm but is not call green onion in all world at this stage?

      Andrei GabrielAndrei GabrielTahun Yang lalu
  • Great Video but they need a better Sprayer 😂

    KeromeroKeromeroTahun Yang lalu
  • I love this vidio..but how can they farm product seed of make a giant green onion ?

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  • verry good video ...

    Sumal LembraiSumal LembraiTahun Yang lalu
  • like the title of the video said... its amazing... but how they produce the seed of that giant green onion?

    Frances SelardeFrances SelardeTahun Yang lalu
    • same way as with other plants, say gras.. You leave a few onions behind and let them get flowers, and inside each flower there will be hundreds of seads. and if you keep those seeds dry and dark they can be stored for years and still grow when planted and get water and light and nutrients-dirt.

      samkom33samkom33Tahun Yang lalu
  • Fantastic

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  • Giant green onions 👌

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  • Good and supar video

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  • This is so amazing

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  • Waoow

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  • first

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