Red Giant Beet Farming and Harvest - Red Giant Beet Cultivation Technology

1 Apr 2020
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Fodder beet is a biennial plant grown for its fleshy and swollen root. Roots from fodder varieties tend to be less deeply buried than those of sugar and intermediate fodder-sugar varieties. Fodder beet crops that are intended for fodder (rather than for seed production) are cultivated as annual crops and the roots must be harvested before winter since they do not withstand frost
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  • My friend feeds his cattle leftover Halloween pumpkins. They love the seeds, the pumpkins are in an open trailer he bashes the top layer open with an axe. The cattle come running when they see the pumpkins in the trailer. They reach over the side of the trailer and chew away. That way the is less waste on the ground. Do the same with the other feeds. Loads up the trailer and bring it to whatever part for the pasture they are grazing on.

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  • I know a few people didn't like your music but for me if I heard it I knew it was your video without even looking I liked for your videos Well enough complaining Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

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    • @Noal Farm NO keep to the old one!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • @Noal Farm no. The music let me know its from noal FARM.

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    • thank.i think i need to find more new music 😉

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  • Nice but getting too short. Can you make your post longer, please. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Wow, those are some mighty BIG beets!

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    • @Gus Really? Wow!! I've never seen beets that large. How do they taste? Are they sweet? I love beets 💗

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    • That was actually a medium size variety by the looks

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  • I was scared In front pic look like humen heads

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  • is red beet taste is like sweet potato?? i can't find farmer red beet in my country

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    • Pure Elite no not at all, it taste like dirt

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  • Are those beets GMO?

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