Organic Guava Cultivation Technology - Guava Farming And Harvest

7 Mei 2020
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Guava is a common tropical fruit cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions.Guava contains maximum vitamin C content per l00g. of pulp after amla. It contains antioxidant factors and can control systolic blood pressure. It is good source of roughage and help in removal of constipation.
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  • How do you prevent worms in guava?

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  • mine is supreme pink guava and it is very delicious. if comparison of guava and apple ..I choose guava.

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  • No le veo lo orgánica... Demasiado tecnificafada, el concepto orgánico, es muy diferente.

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  • Pretty ones will go to some branded supermarket while the ugly ones will go to street market. But it still came from the same tree.

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  • The world biggest guava floating market situated at Barishal , Bangladesh. Please search and see everyone.

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  • The varieties from Taiwan is pearl guava, but the most delicious and seedless is crystal and red crystal guava. And the most delicious for juice/drink is red guava.

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  • Taiwan has little machinery compared to Japan, Australia

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  • What you do to prevent black spots in gova fruits.

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    • I heard when u wrap it in bag like they did to prevent insects which would bite it n leave black spots

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  • Great video. Do you use the same coverings again ?

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    • U can clean the bag with alcohol and reuse it

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  • Need to wear gloves before bagging the guavas..👍😀

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  • احسن أنواع في مصر كبيرة ومسكرة وناعمة ولونها اصفر خصوصا البناتي ليه امريكا ما يستورد الجوافة والتين والبلح الزغلول والخرشوف من مصر احسن منتج في العالم

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  • I once had a guava tree that produced the white guava fruit but the plant died off. I miss the taste 😋, seeing this video reminded me of it. Many thanks for the video.

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  • Why white insect in guava and why fruit fell dow before age so plz tell in detail treatment about these diseases thanks.

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    • If from Pakistan or India than subscribe to "IR farms"

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    • Best Option-Do Tunnel farming with Anti-insect net sheet 2nd option-Because white fly does not like corn crop, you can surround your main crop with very dense corn crop(6-7 ft high) If want spray then spray every 2nd or 3rd day in summer: Sprays for Adult White fly: Cheapest-acetamiprid spray Better option-chlorfenapyr spray Sprays for eggs: ulala ici pakistan ( Great spray because not only does it destroys eggs but also stops the female from laying eggs)

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