Japan Scallop Aquaculture And harvesting - Scallop Processing in factory Japan

3 Jan 2020
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Japanese Scallops Gain Popularity in the World
At present, the scallop is the most popular Japanese seafood in the world. The export volume of Japanese scallops in 2016 was about 54.8 billion yen, ranked first in agriculture, forestry, and fishery products for four consecutive years. The substantial increase in export volume in the last decade was supported by mass consumption in the United States, and also by the fact that an increasing number of frozen scallops (shellfish) are processed in China without the shell and then exported to North America.
Shellfish similar to scallops are also farmed in South America, China, and other areas. However, Japanese scallops are evaluated highly for their taste, size, and quality.
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  • Wonder if oysters can be grown in the same nets and harvested

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  • N the scallops went wee⬆️ aaaaa➡️ uuuuu⬇️ n into our stomach 😂😂

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  • who else is watching this video in Quarantine?

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  • 0:01 kala ko naol naol yung sinabe hahahahahaha gulat pa ako

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  • you guys not scare about similar like covid 19 and more to come for eating not normal food ? lolz.. to me ,, good to watch.. but No to eat...

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  • Their coats were certainly colorful.

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  • Correction: dredging is not aquaculture.

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  • Yang nyari komenan dalam bahasa Indonesia Hiii,, saya di sini ! Kurang tepat sih ya sebenernya keterangan dr video ini. Jadi kulit kerangnya itu ada yg di daur ulang menjadi kapur tulis,dan tentunya jadi memgurangi penggunaan kapur alami untuk kapur tulis,dan baik untuk lingkungan hidup. Sebagainnya juga di buat campuran pelet pakan ternak,juga pupuk organik,karna tinggi kandungan kalsiumnya,sebagiannya lagi di buang balik ke laut untuk membantu me-restore enviroment laut(sorry kacau bahasanya😆) Cara yang di gunakan untuk budidaya kerang srimping ini biasanya ada 2,pertama setelah kerangnya di besarkan di laut dalam net selama 1 tahun,kerangnya itu nggak di panen,tapi di bawa ke tempat tindik,kuping luar kulit kerangnya di tindik,trus di ikat pakai anting kawat de sebuah tali khusus,trus digantungin balik kedalam lautan. Yang kedua,kerang yg sudah berumur 1 tahun itu di tebar di area laut yang sudah di tentukan,ini lbh alami,dan karna tempatnya sudah di tentukn khusus,jd tdk merusak ekosistem laut lain saat panennya. Kedua metode ini sama-sama dipanen pada masa kerang menginjak usia 3 sampai 4 tahun. Itu bagian akhir vide yg katanya buang kulit kerang tuh,kurang tepat,itu adalah penebaran bibit scallop di laut,,

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  • Scallops shells are recycled to make chalk,it's a good subtitue for natural lime,some are make as livestock feed mix,and some plants vertillizer,because it is rich in calcium,, some also being trhown back to the sea so that the calcium rich shells can restore the ocean organicly, However the farming proccess is different from your descriptions,,they raise the baby scallop in the net for 1 year,yes thats true,but after a year,they aren't harvested,instead they will be rise wildly in the ocean,,the most common metode are called "earing" they make a hole on one of the outer ear of the shell,and chain it to a rope and danggling it back to the sea. The other metode,they throw back the one year old scallop to the designated area of the sea,and none of them harvested untill they are 3 to 4 years old,, So the last part of your video are the second farming metode ,, Check out Trails to Tsukiji,,your gonna get full information from this documentary,,

    Emy SutariEmy Sutari7 bulan yang lalu
  • Wow😋

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  • This is very cool, although I would have liked to see how the viscera are removed and the edible part we call a "scallop" (really it's the muscle that opens/closes the halves of the shell) is harvested from the shell ---- presumably by machine? PS, the nightime unloading of the scallop nets or bags at dockside is nicely "choreographed"!

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  • Always creating fake shit.

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  • Leave it to the Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and all other Asians to destroy all life on this planet, whether it’s animal torture and consumption, over harvesting the sea, destroying all life in land...and also nicely infecting the world with viruses.

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  • Why pour shells back into the ocean?

    Alex TynesAlex Tynes8 bulan yang lalu
    • Alex, the shells provide habitat for *wild* scallop larvae to cling to.

      good 'ungood 'un7 bulan yang lalu
  • Kalau bisa di isi Penjelasannya jg donk min untuk bahasa indonesainya, dtunggu min, trims ya

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    • Channel luah ni, makat side komen kadu bahasa Indonesia 🤣

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  • I like it how japan is doing mass harvest on scallops but at the same time they do something like this to make it sustainable very clever.. simple practice but most failed to do.

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  • As long not from China

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  • Keep farming! The damage done to the sea floor around the world by scallop dredgers is enormous. Unfortunately there'll always be those who "prefer" the wild caught creatures.

    Acrobatic CrippleAcrobatic Cripple8 bulan yang lalu
  • Re-using the same video clips from Oyster one lol... busted

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  • 福岛核电事件前,每年都有三幾次到日本渡假,日本给我有種舒服和安全的感觉,特别是食的文化,是日本以外找不到的。但自核事件后,海水大量被核廢水污染,福岛附近地方的地下水都出現污染,食物安全也成为問題,因此决定不再去日本,因为年事已高,長途飞行也是件苦差事,近年世界各地麻烦多多,留在家中是不錯選擇。

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  • Cara pengambilanya dari laut ini yg merusak terumbu karang

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  • 방사능과 플라스틱으로 바다가 신음해도 인간은 경고를 잊고 사는듯~

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  • But why do they have to throw the shells back to the ocean?

    Jamila LangcuaJamila Langcua9 bulan yang lalu
    • Jamila Langcua it's a natural way for the minerals in the shell to be broken down and to go back into the environment which will then be used by later generations of clams and marine life.

      Dish DogDish Dog9 bulan yang lalu
  • 미안요 일본껀 사절입니다

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  • japan sea food are full of radiation to the death

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    • Show us your proof or shut up

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  • Destructive people... Environment destruction

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  • I'll feel bad to eat them now :(

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    • They shpuld do this to humans

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  • adobong scallopes cno may gusto nyan?

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  • You did a really good job of filming. I'm looking forward to the next video. 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥👍

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  • Throwing sea shells into the sea will it have a negative impact on the marine ecosystem? Student of Marine science

    Nahdah AyatillahNahdah Ayatillah9 bulan yang lalu
    • Many of the shells will provide shelter for other small marine creatures. They can hide under them and use them for "homes". They also create a "reef like" structure for small fish and sea creatures.

      T GT G9 bulan yang lalu
    • Anything from nature, can go back to nature... directly.

      deejay didit bukavudeejay didit bukavu9 bulan yang lalu
    • No, it's just calcium. I think the saltwater will dissolve it eventually and it'll be absorbed by other living creatures.

      Hareka TysiriHareka Tysiri9 bulan yang lalu
  • Why their pour shell to the sea. Isn't that valuable?

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  • Nicely done. Very sustainable farming. No real harm to nature.

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  • I have never tasted scallop in my life.😶

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    • I have my own scallop,very tasty and delicious!!!

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    • @Annie Cortez it's not available in my place but will surely try one day 😊

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    • S H try it, taste very good specially when it’s fresh..

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  • Fishing boat so goody if the Weather to good, Production so much better &, Special Harvest for all. The Fisheries Department of the 🇯🇵Japan. Food Technology 2020.

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    • Hello I'm student of Marine Science

      Nahdah AyatillahNahdah Ayatillah9 bulan yang lalu
  • Destroyers of seabed😤😤

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    • @Dropping 2020 in every video People like Jeanefer make stupid comments, as you said there is no reef, the seabed changes with the current and is all sand

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    • @Jeanefer Clarito Ahm. Theres some place to catch. . Not like theyre destroying some reefs..

      Dropping 2020 in every videoDropping 2020 in every video9 bulan yang lalu
    • You did not see the video at the beginning?that's what I'm referring to..

      Jeanefer ClaritoJeanefer Clarito9 bulan yang lalu
    • How are they destroyers of seabed?

      yeagerxpyeagerxp9 bulan yang lalu
  • Why they throw those shell into the ocean?

    MarjanaKING 404NOTFOUNDMarjanaKING 404NOTFOUND9 bulan yang lalu
    • wild scallop spawn will set on the shells.

      oldmanx1234oldmanx12349 bulan yang lalu
    • The shells are calcium and will breakdown and become part of the sea bottom. Better than landfill

      yeagerxpyeagerxp9 bulan yang lalu
  • Wow! Amazing good job!

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  • I'm glad Noel farms has stopped putting false country titles. This is prime Asian farming.

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    • Didi Susetyo labor and time it takes to get to size

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