Japan Sweet Potato Cultivation Technology - Sweet Potato Farming and Harvest

15 Mei 2020
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Japan Sweet Potato Processing in Factory to make li.quor
Sweetpotato has played an important role as a famine-relief crop during its long history and has recently been reevaluated as a health-promoting food. In Japan, sweetpotato is used for a wide range of applications, such as table use, processed foods, and alcohol and starch production
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  • Cool .. The spirit continues

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  • 日本也有黃色地瓜哦!我還以為都種紅薯地瓜,以前好像都是黃色的是吃葉子,紅色吃地瓜,甜份不同,不過現在好像通吃。

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  • Never knew one could make alcohol from sweet potato

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  • Muito bom o vídeo sou engenheiro agrônomo, uma boa saída para combustível para veículos o Etanol da batata doce. Será o futuro!

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  • I am impressed mor e fetole land in Ghana to do this coltivtion.

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  • I am very interested in the machine being used for sweet potato harvesting. Please what is the name of the machine and manufacturer. Thank you

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  • impressive planting effort and technology , as a potato farmer i am interested in the planter. how much is it and where can one purchase one. thanks

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  • Optimus Prime

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  • What a simple useful machine for a farmer go have in Liberia.

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  • As we eat the leaves of the sweet potatoes, the animals also eat them,so there's no waste here. Those with livestock should also have a sweet potato orchids or farm, whichever is applicable in Liberia.

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  • Wow in India we are planting in August to September harvest in January to February 😲😲

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  • Hello! Can you tell what kind of machine is the one that you use for planting the slips and the one you cut leaves? Some links would be really nice! Thank you!

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  • even raw corn from japan can be eaten and it tastes so sweet

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  • Machinery helps . Great invention for the farmers and workers who bent all day to plant manually.

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  • We cooked the leaves for salad. Delicious!

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  • Here we call it as "ubi cilembu" sweet potato . Its amazing video 👍

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  • Patata dulce japoneses original de Perú aquí se llama Camote hay muchas variedades en Japón solo he visto una y es de la peor clase en categoría,

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    • si, pero es el que sirve para acer licor.

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  • Since Japan is so small. Everything they make is all local production. Its very cool!

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  • alkohol dari ubi jalar (bahasa) alcohol from potatto sweet

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  • Batata, Camote, no es potato o papa

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  • Indonesia has a very sweet type of sweet potato. sweeter. called sweet potato cilembu. It's very sweet. And you can only cook Cilembu Sweet Potato baked in oven. They call cilembu sweet potato is Honey Potato. Because is very sweet.

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  • Long, clean, and hygienist process.

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  • sweet potato leaves can be eaten and it is a waste to be left on the ground.

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    • Refertilising the soil !

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  • People took pride and perfection in labeling process. Very nice 👍🏼

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    • Packaging QC also done in the same time !

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  • WOW, the processing and fermentation was a lot of work. Good thing done by modern machines 😥

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  • I found the mowing of the top leaves and the gathering of the weed cover very interesting. The Gza gathering machine did a good job but missed some potatoes. Then I saw someone in the field helping out by hand 🙌

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  • I Think it is batata. People call it sweet potato, but it is not potato, because it is not a family of Solanaceae.

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  • Lots of sweet potatoes also here in the Philippines 💙💛❤

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    • Sweet potatoes very healthy food , Cassava also , good for body bonehealth and minerals intake!

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