Asia Oil Palm Farm and Harvest - Oil Palm Cultivation Technology

20 Agu 2019
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The oil palm is the most efficient oil crop in the world. The main palm oil producers in the world are Indonesia and Malaysia producing 85% of the world’s output.
Palm oil is a multipurpose product. Besides it’s usage in the food-industry, palm oil is a constituent in washing powder, soaps, cosmetic products, candles, colours, lubricants and biofuel. The increase in global population and the use of palm oil for biofuel are two major reasons for maximising productivity.
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  • We need to boycott palm oil products as there destroying natural rainforests and destroying the air we breath ..

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    • Lol, your western countries destroying forest too for sunflower (oil), but less productive and high cost

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  • So beautiful palm oil farm making n I like to see thies trees. I want to product thies trees. Where is found it. I am from northeast lndia. congratulation.

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  • Watz sasa tuamke kuwekeza ktk plantations za michikichi ( oil palm farms) na sio vishamba vidogo vidogo. Plan ya plantations Tz ni muhimu sasa. Wizara za kilimo, Ardhi, Biashara na Viwanda na Wizara ya Fedha Uchumi ma Mipango zifanye kazi in coordination. Mawese yatatutoamo kuingia uchumi kati juu.

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  • I don’t buy palm oil, its one plant that slowly destroying our planet. Dont buy palm oil its also unhealthy.

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  • If you really want to learn about Oil-Palm and Palm-Oil and it’s downstream products, come to Malaysia! Or check it out from the Malaysia Palm-Oil Board (MPOB) website!!

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  • Trying to justify and sugar coat one of the most distructive industries in the many animals did you kill , wipe out and displace for your palm oil

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  • Hi, Anyone knows some companies in Indonesia or Malasia who sell seed of this palm tree. The one in my country take at least 5 years to produce the fruit.

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    • where do you come from? how many seeds do you want? contact me at

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