How Poultry Farm Make Million Eggs and Meat - Inside Modern Chickens Farm - Poultry Farm Technology

11 Jul 2020
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Amazing Modern Chicks Farming Technology, Breeding Methods Save for Farm Thousands Dollar
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    • Ya tenemos que buscar otra fuente de proteina, los pobres animales son los que sufren nuestra necesidad alimenraria, pero bueno asi son las cosas en todo nuestro planeta.

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  • Me causa mucha aversión hacia las personas que aun viendo este video, les parece que esta bien seguir haciedo esto, solo piensenlo un momento y no les gustaria a en ese lugar a sus mascotas, siendo criados para despues matarlos fortuitamente ademas son animales inofensivos, porfavor, solo piensen lo mas posible antes de comer alimentos de origen animal. Solo les pido que hagan su mayor esfuerzo para dejar los "alimentos" de origen animal, yo se que podemos,vamos que si podemos dejar a un lado el maltrato animal y abrir nuestra mente para darnos cuenta.

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  • well its not like they are hunting for meat etc. these chickens were raised for eggs and meat. its nice to see they have a quick and humane killing and all the meat is used, honoring the reason to kill the bird. anyone who loves meat and or loves cooking should know how the meat is processed from farm to slaughterhouse, which i feel will bring respect for the hen that will feed a family

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  • seeing several of the workers that were processing and handling the raw chicken meat without gloves doesnt seem very safe for the workers

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  • printing date on the each egg is technology by Japanese company Kishugiken. may be some others too

  • In my opinion, this really isn't that disturbing. Beef factories are MUCH worse. They literally hang the cows by their tails and cut out their organs while they are still alive. It really don't know why they don't just decapitate them and kill them instantly instead of that drawn out death.

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  • Creciendo a base de antibióticos.

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  • I don’t think that vegans understand that if everyone in the world were to go vegan then we would run out of plants really fast and if we tried to turn plants into “meat” then we’d run out of plants too I don’t think people understand that humans are omnivores back in the prehistoric era everyone had to eat whatever they could to survive.

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  • Nature's Philosophy: Eat or Be Eaten...

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    • ICEBRG COMMANDER. Yes, i agree. It is crazy. Hmmm? Meat is good = vegetarianism is good. Maybe, decide? We decided, leave as it was forever.

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    • @ICEBRG COMMANDER you right

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    • What’s cruel is what modern western society has done to your brain. Meat is good. So is vegetarianism. What isn’t good is the urge for western snowflakes to force people to live their stupid ideals.

    • Russia banned gay couples forever and ban of real meat will never happen here. So proud to be Russian/Soviet! Have fun in your western world, we like it here.

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    • Well some factories are cruel but they go to homes and then when they get older since they are meat chickens they get to big and died of a heart attack

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