Inside COCONUT Processing in Modern Factory - Coconut Oil, Milk and Flour - Coconut Process Plant

16 Jul 2020
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Coconuts can be processed in a large variety of products: milk, cream, oil, powder, water, copra, dessicated flakes and more. Particularly, coconut water is becoming every day more popular as an healthy beverage and sport drink, since it contains potassium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B5 and C, while it's low in calories and cholesterol free.
Credit : (CDB) Ministry of Agriculture , Apex Coco
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  • My under arm untiperspirant is my own produce Virgin Coconut oil

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  • My under arm untiperspirant is my own produce Virgin Coconut oil

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  • South India addicted to coconut and rice. Virgin Coconut oil is the best cocking oil on this planet.

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  • South India addicted to coconut and rice. Virgin Coconut oil is the best cocking oil on this planet.

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  • I was actually drinking coconut when watching this video! That was actually pretty nice. you guys should try.

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  • Like the video. Captions are distracting though.

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  • Waktu kecil seingat sy minyak kelapa yg dipakai memasak maupun menggoreng skrang berubah,krn sawit yg merusak tatanan hutan ind dn keaehatan krn kurang baik ktnya bg tubuh menurut penelitian.para ahli.tapi jk kita menginginkan minyak, susu klpa agak sulit. Smg ind berkembang kmbali giat menanam pohon kelapa.

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    • Luar biasa product hasil olahan kelapa banyak sekali, Ada pineal, susu, kuwe,minyak,minuman,sabutnya untuk keset alas kaki

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  • Yausha ramashya está voltando

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  • Hi, Most of us do not know that so many products are made out of coconut. This is very informative and useful. Could you please let me know where this factory is located in India. If possible can you please share a link to your website if you have one. Thank you.

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  • I think it's manual processing.

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  • Pabrik kelapa terbesarnya sampai ekspor ke Thailand ya Indonesia pulau sambu Riau

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  • This video is actually from India.. South Region which used lot of coconut products daily!

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  • I found that a person is using a ring to cut the ring type out put, say chocolate like one. Instead can you think of using a square plate fixed, say 4 rings, which will help you improve productivity as also reduce wastage.

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  • Here in the Philippines we make copra for oil

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  • No waste... everything can be use either for food consumption or wood

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  • Lo malo de las industrias es que ya el producto no tiene nada de natural por agregarle conservadores . No hay nada mas bueno del coco que comerlo natural.

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  • I am deeply touched with your amazing and modern facilities if time allows me to know more about your coco technology/facilities will you share the idea to improve the lives of the coco farmers in the philippines. Thank you so much. (Salamat).

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    • Ruben Tendenilla - I see we are in the same side, but I am 80 years old, in the US and people I used to know are gone, dead, or retired. We need more people like you, to help educate our paisanos.

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    • The Philippines is the largest producer of coconuts but still selling COPRA!!! The government should help the Filipino coconut farmers so the Philippines will not be left behind. Coconut water sells for $1.25 a pint in US. In Philippine copra operations, coconut water is used to water the trees., coconut husk is burned to dry the copra! Coco coir is treated by Mercedes -Benz into cushions by dipping the coir in latex rubber. .The powder, granules from the coir stripping is a very expensive planting media. Virgin coconut oil was invented in the Philippines but now every coconut producer sells Virgin Coconut oil. I see some that is yellow. Real virgin coconut oil is crystal clear and solidifies at 74 deg F.. The farmers also partly are to blame. In 2007, I made coco-diesel. I had a set up to do 200 liters every 48 hrs.. I went to buy the nuts. I was quoted PHP 5.00 each. I ordered an initial of 100 nuts. The dealer wanted PhP30-00 each when he heard it will be made into biodiesel. I canceled the project and went back home to the US.

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