Walnut Farming And Harvesting - Walnut Cultivation Technology - Walnut Processing Factory

11 Mei 2020
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Walnuts are a nutritious snack food sold as whole nuts for cracking or as kernels. Kernels are also used whole or chopped as an ingredient in savoury foods, bakery goods, breakfast foods, soups, salads, meat dishes, confectionery and ice-creams.
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  • good video!!

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  • Is possible to growing in typical climate ?

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  • Nice work

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  • Где это. Такая технология. Молодцы

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  • Oh Wonderful! It’s really amazing.

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  • Not very descriptive video. Looks unfinished, like someone couldn't be bothered with subtitles.

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  • Absolutamente espectacular! Muchas gracias por el video, queridos amigos de NOAL.

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  • The black walnuts that grow in Texas are much harder to process. The trees make very beautiful lumber though.

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  • Не грецкого а Кыргызского ореха. Читайте историю. Это наш орех они взяли у нас и присвоили😡😡😡😡

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  • Me Also working in walnut fram

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    • Кому положено, у того есть деньги в любой стране. Но это технологии для агрохолдингов, а не на фермера, у которого пара сотен гектар в обороте.

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  • Sell the green shell to goat farms. Goats love the green shell

    Svetla NikolovaSvetla Nikolova6 hari yang lalu
    • @germangoz goats are a lot of work. i had 7.

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    • This is an excellent idea! With this shell production volume, you can start a very big goat farm!

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  • Так мало людей работает???

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    • Просто в ролике не всех показывают. Даже если высокий уровень автоматизации, то должен быть штат инженеров и слесарей, которые обслуживают оборудование.

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  • I want to work here

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  • v good😃😃😃😃

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  • You said 1meter apart?looks like 3meter apart..lol

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    • YESSS!!! 🤣😄🤣

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  • Walnut my favorite...its so amazing harvest....💚💛❤

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  • Di Indonesia bisa hidup subur gk ya

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  • Although Noal Farms videos are great, I wish I could turn-off the subtitles. The broken English is really annoying. For all of the money and effort to produce these films, they ruin them by hiring a non-English person write the titles.

    Matt RostMatt Rost16 hari yang lalu
    • Probably yes, probably not. For sure there's a lot of people willing to translate all these videos to different languages and for sure it's a chance for a new business, don't believe you?

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  • yu dont need to spray the walnut you idiots. Just feed the soil vermicompost that keeps the trees healthy and leave the leaves to rot in place idiota

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  • Guten Abend, ein interessantes Video. Denn ich als Konsument kenne den Nussbaum, welcher meist vereinzelt steht. Im Video ist sehr gut beschrieben, mit beruhigender Musik unterlegt, (dadurch kann Ich die Flut von Informationen besser verarbeiten) massive Arbeit in der Plantage steckt. Ein "Fehler" - die Natur reagiert. Ich bin den Menschen welche hier arbeiten dankbar- dass Sie uns eine Vielfalt an Früchten zum Einkauf möglich machen. Vielen herzlichen Dank für dieses wertvolle Video. Danke. Gracias. Thank You.

    Martin SchneiderMartin Schneider18 hari yang lalu
  • i have a walnut tree in my yard and every fall, I harvest the W A L L N U T S

    The real pheoTMThe real pheoTM18 hari yang lalu
    • @germangoz worms is wurms in German? The bedding is what they live and eat. I hope that helps

      Svetla NikolovaSvetla Nikolova3 hari yang lalu
    • @germangoz Rose festival is in Kazanlak Bulgaria every May/ June and is celebrated from 1903 til now. As far as the worms, they make the best compost on the planet and horse manure attract worms like no other.

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    • @germangoz this is about as much as I am gonna learn. Nobody needs Spanish in my country

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    • @Svetla Nikolova I'm also learning Spanish!

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    • @Svetla Nikolova Hi Svetla, what do you mean by your phrase, "I already reserved 20 wagons of bedding for my worms to live in"? "Worms"? I couldn't understand that! I currently live in Berlin, Germany. I don't know Bulgaria and I find it interesting about the Rosa Valley and the Festival, when does this event take place and where?

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  • Thanks for the videos

    t.hanumesh Talavart.hanumesh Talavar19 hari yang lalu
  • there is a street in california called walnut street lmfao that tree is in front of every single house. It's like 10x bigger then the trees in this video. We used to come home after school and have walnut wars and throw them at each other. lol then crows would flood the streets. it's an interesting seed

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  • What am I doing here??😅😅 Thanks for sharing.

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  • Sizlarda tehnalogiya kuchli ekan

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  • Porfa or pongan subtítulos en español para Mexico, gracias y felicidades, me encantaría saber cómo cuidar árboles de nuez, felicidades Saludos.

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  • 看得我好开心

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  • Que hermoso video nos comparten y maravilloso fruto, esa es la grandeza del desarrollo agroindustrial que tanta falta hace en nuestros países.

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  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇿🇺🇿

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  • Nhken nd hokey ikeyz mjenu

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  • So unkind !!!!to harvest of nature ... so much waste...around machine.

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  • Send me contact details to buy or import directly from your farm.

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  • Mengagumkan... Bisa kah kamu kirimkan kacang2an itu untukku🙌😇

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  • In which country is this farm?

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  • Muy buen video 👍

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  • dari indonesia... Ini tanaman apa?

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  • wow good👍👍

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  • Kashmir has also its beautiful walnut orchards ,but in its pure traditional way..

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  • هكذا تعيش الشعوب الحيه. ونحن وبكل أسف لم نقدر نئمن احتياجنا من حبيبات القمح. ولم نحافظ على الرقعه الزراعيه الذي كانو أجدادنا معتمدين عليها بعد الله سبحانه وتعالى بل اهملناها حتى انتهة في بعض بلداننا العربيه

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  • Это не Грех орехи, это Кыргызский орех 👍👍👍👍👍

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    • Это черкесский орех!

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  • helal.. mükemmel..... bizim ceviz ağaçları geldi aklıma... başına çıkmaya korkuyordu işçiler... dev gibi idi...

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  • ❤❤❤❤

  • what's the price of baby plant and how much time it takes to give product???

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  • I'm watching this video eating walnuts.I love them

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  • Do you like your new drone?

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  • Buenas noches cuantos años tarda en dar frutos un nogal de esta especie

    David GonzalezDavid Gonzalez2 bulan yang lalu
    • Dice en el video que inicia su producción dos años después de haber sido trasplantados los arbolitos en el campo. No aclara es cuánto tiempo permanece desde germinación, más el tiempo del nursery antes de dicho trasplante.

      germangozgermangoz3 hari yang lalu
  • If Pakistan gave me a chance in agriculture I grow all these crops which crops grow nonal faram . Superb nonal farm's Agri officers good work

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  • Masha Allah.

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  • Oh boy! I love walnuts

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  • Modern sekali pertaniannya

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  • Mashallah❤👌👌 I love walnuts

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  • Wow! Thank you. Amazing technology from farming to harvesting to packing. God bless.

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  • У нас в Киргизии в каждом городе и в каждом дворе растут орешины!!! И толстошкурые, и тонкошкурые. Разной формы грецк. орехи Когда они зелёные, сладкие, но руки долго неотмываются от черноты шкурки. Кто скупает орехи, те всюду едут и скупают их. А кто видел, как белки их едят??? Разгрузки твердую часть, затем пленку чистят, только потом едят чистое ядрышко!!! Ольга Киргизия

    Ольга КуксаОльга Кукса3 bulan yang lalu
    • Варени из Зелёного Арехи очень вкусное яя готовила ветем году Кстати и очень даже полезно

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    • F to Jeff CNN iffy ND, humid Hdfc. ,dt6n. Found, Xbox. ',check. ,Cobb BBC, bnnmmmmm. ..

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  • 8:00 Falschen Anhänger, die Lunge werden krank, sehr krank...

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  • Maravilloso, me encanta la tecnología agraria, saludos desde Pando Uruguay

    Jannet CubaJannet Cuba3 bulan yang lalu
  • Когда созрели сами подали или зрелые упали лучше ,а так сыльно трусит все подаёт зрелые и не зрелые не очень и это и .....

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  • V interesting and informative vidro

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  • Very good job

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  • What a nice anti zombies Defense you got there

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  • 3:30 what is this music

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  • Nice video, Thanks for the information

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  • Sir will u please tell me ur what's up number

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  • I wish we have this in Philippine walnuts plants this my favourite nuts

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    • No estoy tan segura que el clima y la humedad de Filipinas sean los más apropiados para cultivar esta especie. Parece ser que requiere de ambientes secos propios de los climas templados.

      germangozgermangoz3 hari yang lalu
    • No harm of trial also

      Mrad SoubraMrad Soubra27 hari yang lalu
    • Cashew is the proper plnt to grow in Philippines its more beneficial

      Mrad SoubraMrad Soubra27 hari yang lalu
    • Walnuts need cold area

      Mrad SoubraMrad Soubra27 hari yang lalu
  • very nice. It is a display of good food, a powerful industry, making of new Technics, invention of new process n et all.

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  • Can we grow in a rainforest area?

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  • 3:30 what is this music?

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  • What is the breadth between plants

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  • Bahut badhia or khoobsoorat

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  • Fuera muy bueno que traduzcan al español latino.. Soy de Ecuador.. Belleza de tecnología.

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  • 7:57 Oh yeah, that looks like a fun job, back in the trailer ...

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    • Yeah, all that harvesting machinery, and it still boils down to one guy with a shovel

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