Floating hydroponic vegetables cultivation - Growing vegetables on the water - Modern Agriculture

25 Jun 2020
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A floating hydroponic garden is easy to build and can provide a tremendous amount of nutritious vegetables for home use, and best of all, hydroponic systems avoid many pest problems commonly associated with the soil.
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  • Great Technology. Can it be done in the open field?

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  • Question: How do they change all of those water in floating model? Or they don't change the water?

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  • Something is being added in water, otherwise there is no way that could be only grown using water.

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  • Best hydroponic farming video i have ever seen . . Can i know more about this farm??

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  • দারুন ভিডিও। অনেক কিছু জানতে পারলাম। আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ ম্যাডাম। আমাদের সাথে ভিডিও টি সেয়ার করার জন্য।

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  • Is it more profitable than normal vertical hydroponics? And what are the issues regarding maintenance and quality of veggies?

    Varsha balganurVarsha balganurBulan Yang lalu
    • Vertical hydroponics isn’t known to be the industry standard, I’d say this is more standard and going vertical is the cutting edge tech, because vertical usually requires more supplemental lighting. As of right now this is more profitable but as the cost of LED’s used to light vertical hydroponic systems comes down (which it has a lot and still is), that will eventually become more profitable than this because you can grow significantly more in the same area.

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  • Wow so nice..thank u..&GOD BLSS

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  • (Pink) UV lamp?

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  • Can you help with names of the farms you have covered in this video?

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    • carmels.co.il

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  • What they are doing on the roof-top?? Could you please share??

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  • Where is the location of this Green House?

    Ahmad ChannelAhmad Channel2 bulan yang lalu
    • @angelo Abonis thank you sir

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    • @Ahmad Channel Yup you can use that and your chicken, goat and other farm animal love it. if you have excess of azola you can dry them up and put water once you serve them to your farm animal. I love farming building my own forest garden it is rewarding and you give back something to nature. Good luck to your channel

      angelo Abonisangelo Abonis2 bulan yang lalu
    • Amazing .. Near my house a lot of Azolla grass, growing around rice fields, Thank you for your knowledge, sir.

      Ahmad ChannelAhmad Channel2 bulan yang lalu
    • @Ahmad Channel Circular gardening is crucial in your success in farming there are lots of people who are very successful in farming by adopting the entrepreneurship approached. Multi cropping along with farm animals where manure is added to composting where the excess vegetable is being fed to animal and aquaponics where fish and water in the pond is used to give a nutrient to the plant without using soil. using this technique. Also, look at AZOLA it algae they use to grow in the fish pond where chicken/Fish eat this a food for the animal you don't need to buy feeds they are organic too. Also, use green energy in your water pump like a solar water pump to save you from electricity-saving your cost turn that into profitability. Make sure you also plant high yielding crop to give you a better return in your investment.

      angelo Abonisangelo Abonis2 bulan yang lalu
    • I have tried it on a small scale at home using the Nutrient film technique system, I want to learn in a large garden, how to make the quality of the garden products feasible.

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  • I want to visit his garden

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  • Just wondering, what happen if robot are doing farming like you do, or perhaps doing technology like vertical farming, that would create unlimited food supplies, and food prices will become cheaper, or free. What will happen to people once food become free?

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    • Free food on the premise of abundance is impossible with this government. The u.s makes enough food to feed everyone yet there is still people starving. What will happen is price drops due to unemployment. Capitalism makes less extreme winners than extreme losers. Government interventions in the way of socialism with better tax priorities is needed right now. We elected Trump but the Dems are scared of fascism; yet when the left presents some one like Bernie Sanders both Democrats and Republicans get “scared” ;) of Communism. Fact of the matter is we pay enough taxes (could have more If we taxed big business ) to make sure everyone had Food, education, housing, and healthcare. The Gov should be striving to make everyone’s lives prosperous while capitalism can still make extreme winners, the focus of gov should be on the losers and how to have a safety net. We build ramps for people with wheelchairs, not tell them to drag themselves up the stairs.

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    • Rajesh K Water spinach or (kangkong) watercress are the only vegetables that delicious in this kind of farming,basil,lettuces are bitter or tasteless

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