Greenhouse Cherry Radish Farming and Harvest - Vegetable Agriculture Technology in Greenhouse

31 Mei 2020
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Cherry Belle is a beautiful example of a radish that looks just like a poster image from a green grocers shop: small, uniformly round, bright red-pink, and with crisp, tasty snow-white flesh inside that attractive skin.
Cherry Belle radishes really are cherry red, and generally are harvested when they reach ¾ inch or at most one inch in diameter. Because this radish selection is such an early starter in the garden calendar, it may take less than a month from seed to table!
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  • Magic Radish Recipe (vegetarian, and delicious even for those who didn't think they liked radishes): It is an open-faced radish sandwich and it's 'Magic' because the radish slices 'magically' become deliciously succulent at one point... For one sandwich, take one slice of bread and moderately spread it with mayonnaise (mayonnaise made with apple cider vinegar is extra good). Then spread a medium layer of cottage cheese* over the bread. Next, slice your fresh red radishes thinly (1/16-1/8 inch thin; 3mm) and place them evenly on top of the cottage cheese. THEN sprinkle the radish slices with salt** and wait... after a few seconds the dry radishes will begin to sweat; to exude drops of water, to change their flavor and become juicy and succulent! NOW is the time to eat your sandwich! *'Cottage Cheese' (USA) is FRESH cheese (curdled with lemon juice or citric acid and NO rennet), like Indian Paneer but made into small curds which may have a small amount of cream added to taste. **'Salt': For this recipe use fine crystals such as sea salt, rather than large crystals like Kosher.

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