Japanese Yam Farming and Harvesting - Awesome Japan Agriculture Technology Farm

29 Mar 2019
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Japanese yam , also called cinnamon-vine, is a species of flowering plant in the yam family. This perennial climbing vine native to China now grows throughout East Asia (Japan, Korea, Kuril Islands, Vietnam). It is believed to have been introduced to Japan in the 17th century or earlier.The edible tubers, often called nagaimo or Chinese-potato, are cultivated largely in Asia and sometimes used in alternative medicine. This species of yam is unique as the tubers can be eaten raw
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  • In indonesia is called "gembili"

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  • Its delicious! just boil water add some dried red dates and koji berry..

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  • Another amazing great work Japanese people find ways to make work easier so inspiring

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  • Похоже на Пастернак.

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  • In our Garo hills found this yam north east Meghalaya it's very tasty 😍😍😍

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  • We Somali not eat this yam but only using the food of the cows and goat's.

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  • Mantul japan, kenta san coba liput pertanian sambil makan di trans 7 ..mantap betul = mantul.. Indonesia.

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  • Gembili 😬 Indonesia

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  • I grow this yams every year, I love growing my food, specially yams and potatoes. We have a Yam in Mexico, that is very much identical, grows a vine as well, but the leafs are rounded, bigger, and they grow wild troughout western Mexico. I must say that although the consistency, appearence is the same, the flavor of the Mexican species (2 of them) is fuller, delicious. This Naigamo does have a more water, sweeter taste to it, but since is much harder to grow the Mexican species, I grow this yams, at least to have the variety in my little farm. The Mexican Camotes del Cerro, seem to only thrive at a high altitude, at least above 1600 m above sl. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Japanese have the best technology n cleanest food. Best of luck.

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  • Quando lavam o tubérculo, a terra que se encontra junto a ele se desprende, o que fazem com ela?

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    • Củ mài bạn nhé

  • Việt nam gọi là củ mài

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  • ayo bertani tdk akan kelapran jika mau bertani tani apasaja dari pada kerja ikut org belajar dari youtube cari dan cari

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  • Di tempatku Trenggalek Jawa Timur ini namanya uwar uwar

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  • Japanese technology high quality

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  • Nagsimba so delicious I love it

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  • Nice yam

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  • Di indonesia kampungku namanya gembili.mknn traditional dan sudah hmpir punah.sangat enak di rebus

  • Cu khoai mài ở Việt Nam. Cu này ăn tốt lắm.vi thuốc bắc là hoài sơn. Sao Việt Nam không trông ???

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  • এই আলু আমাদের দেশে জঙ্গলে হয় 🇧🇩This potato is made in the jungle of our country Bangladesh🇧🇩 We do not use them.

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  • Giống củ khoai từ vậy

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  • củ mài

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  • Itu klo di kmpung saya gembili

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  • Hoá ra đây kaf CU MAI

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  • nhin dong khoai tu viet nam qua vay

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  • Khoai mài ở việt nam nó mọc ở trong rừng rất nhiều nhưng củ nó đâm thẳng xuống đấy nên rất khó đào nhưng ăn rất ngon và mua đắt hơn nhiều lần với loai khoai khác

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  • 자동화 넘 좋으내요... 好吃...

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  • @1.39 may I know where can I buy these poles for farming?

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  • Anyone javanese here? Is it 'mbili'?

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  • 😂😂😂 wir haben sie aus Brasilien eingeführt nicht so Riesengroß und geschält 😳😳😳🇩🇪🇩🇪🇺🇸

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  • Where can I buy this harvest machine online?

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  • ปทเขาส่งเสริมปทกุเยียบ

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  • Hello

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  • Di tempat aq nama nya gembili

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  • Cây này việt nam gọi là củ đầu hay củ mỡ

    Khu BuiKhu Bui7 bulan yang lalu
    • Cu khoai mài.an rất tốt vị thuốc bắc là hoài sơn.

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  • Dalam bahasa jawa(indonesia) di sebut gembili

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    • Iyo Tah lek

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  • Org jepang pun makan ya gembili, di kebun bapakku dulu banyak melimpah sekarang dah punah tak ada yg ngerawat sih

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    • Wkwkw orang jawa pastii

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  • Đây là củ gì vậy nhỉ? Ăn làm sao có ngon k vậy mọi người?

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    • Củ mài ở Việt Nam mình có rất ngon, trong chiến tranh bộ đội ta hay đào củ này về nấu ăn để chống đói khi thiếu lương thực

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  • jepang good

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  • 👍🤷‍♀️🤫👩‍🎤Hiii

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  • ベトナム もあります

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  • Thats alot of yum

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  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • Konnichiwa 綺麗desune。 仕事iidesune pai do yo ro shi ku one gaiiitashimasu Please help me job forms labour please help

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  • yam con cac cu? mai` cho nhanh

    son leson le8 bulan yang lalu
  • 😍😍😍😊😊😊🙏

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  • Does this yam go into boba Milk tea?

    berry moreberry more9 bulan yang lalu
  • Phai khoai mì o???

    Duyen DangDuyen Dang9 bulan yang lalu
  • 從小最愛吃山藥,尤其包了糖漿的山藥糖堆兒,粉粉的太值回憶,不論怎樣吃都喜歡,桂花山藥最精彩,讚👍🏻。

    ping tsoiping tsoi9 bulan yang lalu
  • แถวบ้านเรียกมันเทียน แต่หัวเล็กกว่านี้เพราะขึ้นเองตามป่า นี่ก็นานแล้วไม่ได้กินอ่ะ

    nittaya ngamkhamnittaya ngamkham9 bulan yang lalu
  • In my place in the philippines we call it "kamangeg" in ilocano language.

    Shakir AquinoShakir Aquino9 bulan yang lalu
  • มันคือมันอะไร

    Mai F11Mai F119 bulan yang lalu
  • Việt Nam chúng tôi gọi là củ mài.

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  • In Laos those yams are wild. Before 1975 if you want to eat one, just get shovel then go dig for some, bake, cook, or do what's up on your mind.

    Saichen YangSaichen Yang9 bulan yang lalu
  • Trong cu này cung rât vât va

    Tu NguyenTu Nguyen9 bulan yang lalu
  • Want to know how we can get the seed of this Yam ? Is seeds are available in vegetable seed store in japan around Tokyo ?

    Yam GurungYam Gurung9 bulan yang lalu
  • what name

    sawitomas. tomsawitomas. tom10 bulan yang lalu

    Darcy MDarcy M10 bulan yang lalu
  • Kapan Indonesia bs spt ini, canggih panennya, luas farmingnya

    Waiyonow 12Waiyonow 1210 bulan yang lalu
    • Orang indonesia masih senang hura2 soalnya

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  • 🇹🇭❤️👍🙏

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  • Ở đâu có giống này nhỉ

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  • Lobak z betul bukan

    Nur saniNur sani10 bulan yang lalu
  • Красота! Люблю дайкон.

    Татьяна КохоноваТатьяна Кохонова11 bulan yang lalu
    • Это не дайкон

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  • Di masak soup sedap

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  • Ubi apa itu?

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  • nang kampungku kui gk di urus, nang kono kok dadi komoditas yg wauw

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  • Xin hỏi củ gì vậy?

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    • Giống củ mài ở Tây bắc Việt Nam ý

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  • Củ từ hay củ mài.ăn rất ngon

    Đông ĐinhĐông ĐinhTahun Yang lalu
    • Ců mài,rât đăt

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  • Gembili

    Dian R. B. TDian R. B. TTahun Yang lalu
  • Nang kampungku jenenge gembili,tp ukurane luwih cilik ora guedi koyok iki

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    • Yes bos mirip gembili yak

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    • Podo gon ku

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  • Что за корень?

    Петр КравчукПетр КравчукTahun Yang lalu
    • Я тоже не знаю. УРОЖАЙ ХОРОШИЙ.💯💯💯✔✔✔

      Ruzanna PetoyanRuzanna Petoyan8 bulan yang lalu
  • 1year to grow??

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  • I wish we could buy hats like this for our family here in Canada!

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  • Ini tanaman apa kok panjang begitu ...apa gembili ya

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  • A san day.

    Ninh NguyenNinh NguyenTahun Yang lalu
  • Cu gi la qua.

    Ninh NguyenNinh NguyenTahun Yang lalu
    • Củ mài bạn nhé

  • Vừa to vừa dài

    Tin Tức Tổng HợpTin Tức Tổng HợpTahun Yang lalu
    • Tin Tức Tổng vefio

      Joel !asanJoel !asanTahun Yang lalu
  • Củ từ lông

    Tin Tức Tổng HợpTin Tức Tổng HợpTahun Yang lalu
    • Củ mài bạn nhé

  • it grows naturally in jungle

    Prasun Cht JummoPrasun Cht JummoTahun Yang lalu