White asparagus Farming - White asparagus harvesting - Asparagus Processing in Factory

29 Sep 2019
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White asparagus is simply green asparagus that has never seen the light of day. The plant is grown under soil or some other covering to block out the sun's rays, preventing photosynthesis and the development of chlorophyll, which turns the spears green.
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  • It looks yummy but I'm allergic with asparagus

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  • In german, we say: cherries red, asparagus dead. Traditonally, the asparagus is being cut continuosly until the 24th of June, which is St. John's day in our calendar. Green asparagus is much simpler to grow and harvest, by the way.

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  • The black plastic should prevent sunlight which I thought made the normal green asparagus white? Another vegetable I guess.

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  • The black layer prevents the light from burning the asparagus’s so that they can bee as white as possible, and the second layer works as a chamber so that it can keep the ground warm enough! We grow asparagus in our farm here in Greece but we personally cover our beds with only one layer of clear sheet and even though we lose some of the quality we save a lot of costs

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  • Wow..its very beautiful farm. Thanks for sharing. Asparagus is seldom to have in the garden. Interesting farm thanks dear.🙏.

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  • 2 months to be harvest why green asparagus needs 3 years to harvest

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  • Im hoping someday that I can have white or green asparagus on my garden. That would be so happy if that happen.

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  • Hey, im from the netherlands and they grow asparagus here also, the black plastic is to keep the sun out. The asparagus turn green when the black plastic wont be there. That other thing is to keep the asparagus warm.

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  • Bạn gái đầu video nói tiếng Anh chuẩn giọng Hà Lội luôn hehe

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  • Love it.. Great farming

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  • That is a mini greenhouse. In tropical country like indonesia that can prevent the plant from direct rain water

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  • In Chinese cuisine gourmet veggies are usually done with simple stir fried so that it brings out the natural flavors of the veggies. And veggies are just almost cooked enough to preserve that crunchiness.

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  • Keeps the temperature warm.

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  • White asparagus not nice but expensive, I still prefer green one

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  • So labor intensive, no wonder it's expensive. I had asparagus growing in my yard from the previous owner, so good freshly grown and raw.

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  • It takes a lot of labours, so the price so hight.!

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  • We can supply asparagus packing boxes from china,you can contact my whatsapp:+8613861723756,skype:bluesky4199 for price and samples.

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  • Mulching for soil moisture conservation and reducing weed growth.

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  • Who wants to watch green asparagus after watching it? 🤣

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    • You can watch at TRUE FOOD TV they made good video

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  • That is for preventing asparagus for turning green due to sunheat.. so it does its photosynthesis without changing its color because of the chlorophyll is not activated as it is in dark environment...

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  • No wonder asparagus is so expensive bcz it's i think take long tym to harvest and delicate

  • Hi noal farm ! I'm ur subscriber from Philippines 🇵🇭 i love watching ur farming and harvesting methods ...i enjoyed watching it 😊

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  • The clear plastic allows evaporation to take place but the water particles are trapped on the plastic . They then condensate and drop down creating a ever cycle of moisture without having to water the crop. From a outside source.

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  • Who's Noel ? I'll subscribe to find out

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  • the tent on top is for heat, a small hot house.

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    • Yes and to keep them white.

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  • One of the best videos you've put out in a long time!!! Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

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  • The black layer keeps the light out and absorbs the warmth from the sun, the clear layer is a 'cloche' which retains the heat, rather like a greenhouse - simple really.

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  • Hello everyone!👐 Hello!👐 Peace

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  • The hoop frames and heavy fleece covering are to protect the plants from things like wind , excess rain, and to create a moist growing area that is warm and stable inside. Think of it as a nice happy green house under there. The soil is kept at a good temperature range and it does not dry out.

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  • Its looks very good mechine n so beautiful farm to be thinking positive for me thank you very much everyone good job god bless us amin

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  • they planted the asparagus in raised bed so that it will grow for several centimeters under the soil above the ground and would then be easier to pick compared to digging underground. they put a black plastic cover to prevent the sunlight from coming into the asparagus as they grow thus preventing it from turning green. Asparagus that were not completely covered with the black plastic were then exposed to light changing the color from purple to green. However, green asparagus is more nutritious than white. The transparent plastic is there for cold weather protection. Heat encourages the plant to grow rapidly.

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  • 2:33 i think it's a mini green house, so that it prevent heat from escaping for the plant's benifit during cold climates. Maybe that's what you meant? Maybe.

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    • thebegining100 xpizppofjvr by hrjfjvjjccnjjxjjjnbjjm vjm!&?! 🌤 🌥🌥☁️☁️

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    • It is

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    • Yes and blocks the son to keep them white.

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    • That's exactly what it is.

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    • yes that's what it is

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  • Hello from Australia, yes there are different colours of asparagus not just from the shading from ground

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  • hmmmm...i love love looovee asparagus...

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  • it is a row cover,, it lets in the sun and rain, but not the insects,,thank you for the video

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  • You've earned 1sub, your channel is very educational, im a tech nerd guybut ive learned about farming thing in your channel. Thanks.

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  • This is not a legit noal farm...damn

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  • Lovely vegetable farm.

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  • I prefer Green or Purple.

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    • if the sun hit it, then it would be green. but it's grown covered so light doesn't turn it green.

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  • It looks yummy. And it doesn't have a leave, though.

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    • correct. asparagus grows like a spear, ,then later if it grows and not picked, it will turn into a large fern and soak up nitrogen from the sun and air to store in the roots for next year. so you don't pick the last ones growing.

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