Awesome spice and herb in Turmeric - Turmeric farming and harvest - Turmeric cultivation Technology

10 Mar 2020
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Turmeric farming and Processing
Turmeric has been used in India for more than 5000 years now. Initially, it was cultivated as a dye as its’ vivid yellow color works brilliantly as a coloring agent. Then its highly developed uses came to know and people started using it for cosmetic and beautification purposes and eventually as a medicine. Later it became popular as a spice
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    • @faiznur anis Right. Keep it up then.

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    • There are more to insecticide than being harmful. Insecticide can come in various form and targeted a certain type of insects only, so beneficial insect or microbes would not die (though I'm not sure what they use). Of course, it is a type of poison, and poison bounds to have effects on the environment and human. But when using the correct amount and good post-harvest practice, it is safe for the environment and human. There is a certain period depending on the insecticide uses, you cannot spray/harvest the crop to make sure the insecticide is fully gone or at lower reading that is safe for consumption. There are regulations that we need to follow in order to make sure that the end product is safe for consumers. This is just the basic, the amount that is sprayed is unknown and the excessive amount of pesticide can become harmful to the environment. But what im concern about is the person doing the job. He did not wear PPE while doing so. This can lead to health complication and can cause cancer in a long run. To pull all these together, organic is the safer and the best option as we know it will not cause harm to use or the environment. 🌱🌱🌱

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  • Guys, do you want a simple fried chicken recipe using turmeric? Crush fresh turmeric along with garlic, ginger and some salt. Marinate the chicken pieces at least an hour. Deep fry the chicken in hot oil. Simple and delicious. The recipe can be used for fried fish as well.

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