Asia Durian Farm and Harvest - Asian Durian Cultivation Technology and Durian Processing

14 Agu 2019
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Durians are the King of Fruits and can be grown in the right conditions...The durian tree is ultra-tropical, and needs much tropical warmth, abundant moisture, and sunshine to thrive . Most commercial durian cultivation in Southeast Asia
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  • When people ask, what do you like? I have to take some time to think and craft my response because what I like is different across life dimensions and context, thus the answer can be quite complex. But I can say this without any moment of pause. What is your favorite fruit? Durian. Durian will always remain as my consistent favorite fruit across all the different life scenarios.

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  • How many varieties of Durian are there?

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  • You are amazing.Beautiful and amazing fruits,so fresh and healthy.Would love to taste it,all the best and enjoy vlogging.

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  • Skrg baru sy sedar yg arwah ayah sy terlalu pakar dlm buah durian dulu dkt kebun dia dulu dia pernah ckp buah durian raja ni rupanya sama dgn buah ini yg skrg namanya musang king buah nya berbentuk jantung semuanya rasanya pun jadi kegilaan masa dikpg dulu hanya ada dikebun dia masa tu pelik dan sering dicuri pulak masa tu tapi arwah tak pernah bising2 pun dia hanya kata b Itu rezeki org yg jumpa ianya jatuh allah al fatihah utk mu ayah

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  • All the best on your effort. Our food our Future!!

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  • I'm proud wt Malaysia Musang King & Duri Hitam types of durian! 😍

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  • You must wait durian fall by itself to get better quality and sweet fermentation taste

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  • I love Durian.

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  • Isso não pode ser jaca

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  • I'm considering moving to Hawaii, but only if I can find the right location/altitude that will support growing durian. OMG it's sooooo good!

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  • DIJUAL KEBUN ALPUKAT : 1. Luas kebun alpukat 64 ha. 2. Legalitas Surat Full (100%) SHM. 3. Legalitas Kepemilikan 1 orang. 4. Jumlah pohon dalam areal 64 Ha sebanyak 4.500 batang. 5. Tiga kali panen dalam setahun. 6. Penghasilan dalam satu kali panen mencapai 20 ton. 7. Terdapat tanaman tumpang sari antar sela2 pohon alpuket yg terdari dari tanaman jati, pepaya, melon, semangka, dll sebagai bonus peminat. 8. Terdapat bangunan kantor dan gudang 5 unit bangunan. 9. Terdapat 7 unit pompa air flekdibel. 10. Ada karyawan sebanyak 50 orang. 11. Lokasi berada di kabupaten subang Harga 350/meter nego sedikit. 081517333341

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  • Maybe 😏 Khmer cochin China Vietnam dorians

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  • It doesn't grow next to its leafs,but grow on tree 🎄 body's

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  • I am durian lovers ❤️❤️

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  • Not clear enough😂

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  • In bali the name is durian Kane I love it😍

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  • I like this videos👍👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯

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  • I lived in Singapore for four years. When the Durian got ripe you can't stand the smell. I never had the guts to try one.

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  • I'm japanes I huge love durian I stay in Malaysia I eat durian everyday now

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  • I am from Indonesia, I really like this durian fruit, in Indonesia Durian weasel king, bawor and super butter is the mainstay durian in our country, may we exchange knowledge about durian cultivation?

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  • Hi can I get the contact number I need the plant or seed

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  • thank you for Durian Information

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  • Waow very good durian farm👍👍👍😊

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  • smells like pop. but taste like HEAVEN 😍

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  • Durian is king of fruit

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  • only dumb ppl eat unripe durian. they better eat cassava, it taste better than unripe durians.

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  • Durian city is Davao city Philippines the best number 1

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  • Tiếng Việt......🤗

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  • Durian is my true love. How I wish I was living in the home of durian -- South East Asia areas durian.

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  • Sampe ngiler aku lihatnya 😂😂😂

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    • Iya, orang indonesia ya

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  • You either love durian or you despise it.

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  • Durian is the king of all fruits.

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  • If jackfruit has spikes, so does my testicles.

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  • we also can cook and eat the durian flower. It is delicious. Hello from Sarawak😁

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  • King of fruit Durians lover like please

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  • Best durian are from Malaysia,they have good Verity of durian. I've tried Thai & other countries but Malaysian durian is the best

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    • No

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    • Best pork are from Malaysia . Really good

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  • Cultivation not Cutilvation

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  • Yummy durian my fav, have a lot in my Philippines..

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  • Where is the Noal. Farm location on the World ? What is the Country to be long??? Can You let me Know ? Please !!! Thank you !!! 🙏👍🍒💚🌴🌾

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  • American durians are the best. All the others are shitty.

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  • Pesticides are bad for the fruit trees and human.

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  • There were story that the Indonesian military peace keeping force eating ripe durian in Congo in 1960's which was considered already rotten, and of course smelly. The locals did not know how to consume durian before the arrival of the peace keeping force. Long time ago. But someone may give some additional highlight to this.

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  • Kok gak ada translate nya,

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  • Thai durians only good for making cakes and pastries. Cannot match the awesome flavorful Malaysian varieties

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  • Durian Thai x sedap Sb peram

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  • This is thai durian farm not Asian durian farm...that is very wrong. Only thai cut the durians down before they are ripe.

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  • This is Thai durian. No match when compare with Malaysia durian. Malaysia durian is World No.1

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    • Malaysia shit fuck , indonesia have 300 varieties and durian malaysia origin from indonesia

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  • Where is this Durian farm...

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  • Noal Farm is in Malaysia? Musangking and ochee is famous durian in Indonesia now

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