Awesome Soursop Fruit Farm and Harvest - Soursop Cultivation Agriculture Technology

20 Des 2019
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Soursop tree of the custard apple family, grown for its large edible fruits. Native to the American tropics, the tree has been widely introduced in the Old World tropics. The fruit’s fibrous white flesh, which combines the flavours of mango and pineapple, can be eaten fresh and is strained to make custards, ice creams, and drinks. Soursop has been promoted as an alternative cancer treatment, but clinical studies in humans are lacking
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  • Tank you so much noal farm channel, it is a perfect video we are really glad for this. The snack that we produce is unique and perfect for any ocassion.

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    • Can I get seeds

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  • 'sirsak' in fav fruit..yummyyyy

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  • saya sangat suka dengan chanel ini.

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  • come on New Zealanders get this fruit to us

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  • love to try this fruit but I live in New Zealand

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  • Never seen so many soursop trees! I planted one but it died. Soursop ice cream is the Best!. Wow...lotta Mexicans ✌ oh...I boil the leaves and drink...👍not for the faint of heart.

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  • does it need pruning?

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  • Soursop shake is my fav.

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  • we can use the leafs for traditional medicine.......

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  • It's been years since i last eated that fruit

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  • How mani kg guanabana

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  • I'm picking some atis to ripen.

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  • Tengo plántulas de 6 a 30 cm de altura de la semilla que crece en Estambul, Turquía.

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  • Wow mantap

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  • Good job noal farm

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  • Bagusss kl di indonesia gk di kemas hanya di jus atau di makan langsung

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  • Hello guys do you have any idea why my tree is not giving fruits properly at first the tree grows 3 fruits after that only gives flowers and its leave drop and no fruits at all. As natural wind and ants pollination didn’t work I tried manuals pollination by touching male and female using painting brush and still didn’t work. Have any ideas guys thanks

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  • Gözəl vidiolar üçün sağ olun 👍👍👍👍

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  • Is it possible to cultivate soursup in Denmark? Temperatures here are much lower then in South America, Asia and Africa

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  • i like this video,

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  • Very good fruit. How can i get the seed or plant of this fruit ,soursop as soon as possible. Please give me details contact information.

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    • I can mail you some from jamaica contact me at

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  • Soursop are grown in all tropical region especially Asia where some grows wild in Jungles and forests of Malaysia and Singapore,their leaves are known to cure Cancer,anti viral and treats parasitic illness,called GRAVIOLA.In Australia,a smaller and similar fruit looks and taste alike,called Custard Apple.

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  • Maaf ya nngak bahasa Inggris antah Bana tu

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  • Soursop can making ice cream

  • Bismillah. Bikin pengin aja, 😀 Kalau ini aku tahu, sirsak, asam manis, segar...... Gemezzzzz....

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  • We call it guyabano in the Philippines. It's almost year round fruit but thrive more during summer months.

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  • One of my favorite fruit here in the Philippines...

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  • भारत में हमारे घर में भेज दो🙏.

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  • नमस्कार🙏.

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  • In Philippines Visayas area others call it "siko karabaw" down to Mindanao area they call it "labana" .

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  • Petunjuknya mana, pelit bagi pengalan ya, yah pelit juga Supcraitnya atau likenya

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  • My mother’s favorite fruit , we have a lot of trees in this fruit before ☺️

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  • Good job thank you for information.

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  • Ds

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  • I like this fruits, we have this in the philippines, actually we have plant in our farm, we called this rabanas

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  • It protects from Cancer

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  • What is the maximum height of a soursop tree and how do you trim branches also what stage do you introduce covers for fruits Thank you my whatsapp no +94 71 046 7300

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  • Mampir balik kechanel saya ya sukses selalu

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  • Would like to grow it How long does it take to bear fruits

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  • Awesome!

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  • My favorite too. It is sweet when fully ripen. Also, the red ants like to cover themselves with leaves and disguise themselves in the shape of the fruits. When plucking, someone needs to be very careful.

    TAM CHUI YINGTAM CHUI YING4 bulan yang lalu
    • If it is sweet, then why it's called soursop?

      Jkey JJkey JBulan Yang lalu
  • Planted afew soursop trees in my garden but take 5 years to bear fruits. It really hard to get good fruits. Never know how to prevent the core from becoming black. turning bad.

    West WingWest Wing4 bulan yang lalu
  • I have this fruit plant but the fruits it produce is bad Its as if my plant is sick Any help for me here?

    Enock AnsahEnock Ansah4 bulan yang lalu
  • Terlalu lama blm menjelaskan

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  • Keren👍👍👍

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  • Very interested in farming the fruit

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  • It called mullanchakka in Keral

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  • who need i,m from Sri Lanka i have 3000Kg now

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  • Hi live in in Trinidad our climate is sunny and rainy I have sour soup trees and they get a brown dusty stuff is it a worm doing that how can I get the rid of them

    Trudy julienTrudy julien4 bulan yang lalu
  • Di rumah sy ada tp knp bunga nya saja ..lalu rontok..spy jd buah bgmn. Mhn info nya tks

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  • Amazing👍👍my from indonesia

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  • Thank's a lot. Sirsak is one of my favorite fruits.

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  • Thank you very much. it is very useful...….where the saplings are available

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  • I need this frut?

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  • Good day! May I ask when do you usually bag the soursop fruit?

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  • Ask heLp ug mga soursop farm so Manny stemborer.. what is the chimical or remedes to use ?

    alfredo zabalaalfredo zabala4 bulan yang lalu
  • i need this how can i get this fruit.

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  • In India also available Andhra Pradesh (south) near Tirumala Wtspp :- 7036679141

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  • Thi is sour

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  • Thank you.

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  • I hate the smell 🤢

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  • Is it mullatha?

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  • I have tasted this fruit in Singapore, it's awesome...

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  • Perfect soursop plantation, the method of propagating is an advance technology beyond compare. thanks for uploading!

    Fantastic GrowerFantastic Grower6 bulan yang lalu
  • Anona muricatta (guanabana)..native to central America on earth...

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  • ame badah kami namenye serkaye

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  • Where may I have the exact seeds for this? Please email me at

    Guy Aris NDOUYEGuy Aris NDOUYE6 bulan yang lalu
  • มันคือลูก​อะไร

    เคยมีคู่ แต่โดนชู้แย่งเคยมีคู่ แต่โดนชู้แย่ง6 bulan yang lalu
  • Thanks for shearing

    Alexandrina ViegasAlexandrina Viegas6 bulan yang lalu
  • How to know. When it is ready please reply l don't know when to harvest

    Alexandrina ViegasAlexandrina Viegas6 bulan yang lalu
  • Hi thank u very good video.. need help in pollinating my tree by hand???

    kensey cheddakensey chedda6 bulan yang lalu
  • during summer in the Philippines, its the season of these fruits, i remember when i was young i can eat 2pcs. of these fruits while hunting in the forest.

    beentot gobalyobeentot gobalyo6 bulan yang lalu
  • We call it "Dutch durian"

    abuimamabuimam6 bulan yang lalu
  • Sir I want video about sapodilla fruit farming

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  • Good job fair

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  • wah ini makanan kesukaanku nih..

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  • "Sirsak" in Indonesia Muris, nongko londo dalam bahasa jawa.

    adib muchammad Burhaniadib muchammad Burhani6 bulan yang lalu
  • The main problem with these fruits is that farmers pick them when they are still too green: not at the right time. Sour soup is one of my favorite fruits and I do grow them. Wait until the skin is yellowish green.

    Petrus NahusmanPetrus Nahusman6 bulan yang lalu
    • Can it be grown from branch cuttings?

      Cynthia FernandezCynthia FernandezHari Yang lalu
    • Petrus thanks for the tip. Please do share some more information about soursop trees. Tks.

      Cynthia FernandezCynthia FernandezHari Yang lalu
  • I love soursop! We used to have a tree in our backyard and my mom would use the fruit to make into smoothie. So refreshing, especially during the summer.

    Ruth RRuth R6 bulan yang lalu
    • Yes! we call this Guyabano in the other side of the world... we had a harvest recently and made a short video of it! very deLICIOUS!

      The Red PlanetThe Red Planet5 bulan yang lalu
  • In philippines its called '' guyabano''

    joe gurojoe guro7 bulan yang lalu
  • Beautiful

    Stanly LStanly L7 bulan yang lalu
  • What is it?

    Ferman MemmedliFerman Memmedli7 bulan yang lalu
  • Laxman phal in india..... I think it is very similar to custard Apple

    Dream CatcherDream Catcher7 bulan yang lalu

    triniindian triniindiantriniindian triniindian7 bulan yang lalu
  • Dulu di depan rumah ad kalo berbuah bnyk banget

    Cuenk RiyantoCuenk Riyanto7 bulan yang lalu
  • Hi, I have Bud plant of Giant Soursop in's the taste n uses? Thanks in advance...

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  • In our country philippines that fruit is called GUYABANO, good for the body so may benefits

  • It's my first time to know there is such kind of fruit, it looks amazing.

    Albert WangAlbert Wang7 bulan yang lalu