Star Fruit (Carambola) Farm And Harvest - Star Fruit Juices Processing Technology

6 Mar 2020
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Carambola, or star fruit, a species of tree native to tropical Southeast Asia.The fruit is commonly consumed throughout Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Micronesia, and parts of East Asia. The tree is cultivated throughout tropical areas.The entire fruit is edible, usually raw, and may be cooked or made into relishes, preserves, garnish, and juice
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  • Era jugo o licor lo que hicieron con la maracuyá, que fue lo que le pusieron azúcar o sal?

    Ana LordAna Lord4 jam yang lalu
  • I love this fruit nanu one time thinnale beku

    Vijya ShreeVijya Shree12 hari yang lalu
  • O que vão.faxer com a carambola

    Maria BrezolinMaria Brezolin22 hari yang lalu
  • My favorite fruit 😋 just eat raw, so juicy, yummm, now my mouth is watering

    Lili M .PardosiLili M .PardosiBulan Yang lalu
  • yummy ! it's my Childhood fvt fruit.amazing Producing... I like.

    kruti solankikruti solankiBulan Yang lalu

    RxyyzerRxyyzer2 bulan yang lalu
  • I always love watching this fruit grow big when I was kid :) this is really my favorite fruit ♥️

    Amerasol EnriquezAmerasol Enriquez2 bulan yang lalu
  • I like green ones

    Đĕx ŁøxĐĕx Łøx3 bulan yang lalu
  • mindblowing

    Haqimi MalaysiaHaqimi Malaysia3 bulan yang lalu
  • แถวบ้านไม่มีคนสนใจเลยมันออกลูกบ่อยจนเบื่อ

    DUK 108DUK 1083 bulan yang lalu
  • WOW😎

    Taher AsaadTaher Asaad3 bulan yang lalu
  • Tiada kata lain Masya Allah, Nikmat-Mu ya Rabbi

    Umi KustiahUmi Kustiah4 bulan yang lalu
  • to be fair im suprised the asians pick this fruit, i mean they cant torture, or kick it or burn em to death so this suprises me

    Jay GilroyJay Gilroy4 bulan yang lalu
    • this comment borders on - or simply is - racist.

      Tom MTom M4 bulan yang lalu

    Junior CoyoteJunior Coyote4 bulan yang lalu
  • We have a big of that tree in our back yard (Brazil, 10 km South the Tropic of Capricorn). It is called locally carambola. It is always consumed with moderation as locals believe they are not so healthy as stress kidneys. We have incredible amount of those fruits every year - most of them go to compost bin after to drop on the soil.

    Osvaldo CristoOsvaldo Cristo4 bulan yang lalu
  • Amazing. I have a plant. Zeenu chungom east alpy dist Kerala state

    axiom serviceaxiom service4 bulan yang lalu
  • We call this fruit Garnate. We just tossed this fruit into the pig’s fence.

    Dy ShrunkDy Shrunk4 bulan yang lalu

    Abdullrahman ShaarAbdullrahman Shaar4 bulan yang lalu
    • Common in Asia to handle a knife away from you so as to avoid cutting yourself.

      Tom MTom M4 bulan yang lalu
  • I had no idea star fruit grew from trees. All this time I thought they grew from cactus. lol

    WaldenWalden4 bulan yang lalu
  • In Malaysia we called it a belimbing..when still green it a best just dip in salt and chili and put some shrimp paste..nyummy..haha...make me feel young again..only 60-90an kids understand it..haha

    redzuan ismailredzuan ismail4 bulan yang lalu
  • Wow we call that fruit balimbing.

    Sun ShineSun Shine5 bulan yang lalu
  • කමරංකා

    Yeshika De SilvaYeshika De Silva6 bulan yang lalu
  • nice video

    plant caregiverplant caregiver6 bulan yang lalu
  • Ang sarap po tlaga ng star fruit. Kumuha din ako ksama pamangkin ko haha muntik akong mhulog sa puno, pra napasaya ko nman pamangkin ko kaya okay lang😊.

    Fave ComisionTVFave ComisionTV6 bulan yang lalu
    • X

      Clevaon HugginsClevaon Huggins6 bulan yang lalu
  • The cleaning startfruit how much n maybe to make sirup selai or candy 😊😊😍😍😍

    Mutiara MonikaMutiara Monika6 bulan yang lalu
  • In the Philippines we call it Balimbing

    CDO Surplus Truck and Heavy MachineriesCDO Surplus Truck and Heavy Machineries6 bulan yang lalu
  • Wow

    Daud GayenDaud Gayen6 bulan yang lalu
  • Wow 😍👏👏👏😙👍

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  • Please write subtitles in English

    Amoljot singh dhillonAmoljot singh dhillon6 bulan yang lalu
  • In India we like it very much .....its so tasty 😋😋😋😋

    aryan patelaryan patel6 bulan yang lalu
  • Brasil!!!

    o exilado Niltono exilado Nilton6 bulan yang lalu
  • In our country, it is called BALIMBING 😍 and it is the fruit that symbolizes our fake friends and specially to our government 😶 PHILIPPINES !

    Welnar AbaloWelnar Abalo6 bulan yang lalu
  • When we were a kid,we used to play this just fall down on d ground n we dont eat them😊

    Yehlen BumagatYehlen Bumagat6 bulan yang lalu
    • Yehlen Bumagat Eat this fruit with some salt and mid burned chilli.. yummy

      Sheikh ManikSheikh Manik6 bulan yang lalu
  • This is called Five Fingers in my country.

    Johny Be GoodJohny Be Good7 bulan yang lalu
  • Taiwan is not a country it belongs to China, please modify the word.

    Rachel wangRachel wang7 bulan yang lalu

    • 😅😅😅

      Divi's creationsDivi's creations7 bulan yang lalu
  • Can you please share your WhatsApp number or email address sir😊

    sarath sasindransarath sasindran7 bulan yang lalu
  • Wow very yammy 😋😋

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  • Nice to refresh my memory from frustrating watching this video.. from north east India State..

    mebanshan barehmebanshan bareh7 bulan yang lalu
  • When I was little, I liked eating avocados very much

    Tractor Khmer FamerTractor Khmer Famer7 bulan yang lalu
  • 11marco2020.quarta.1538.🇧🇷. Hhhhuuuummmmmm!!!!! Que delícia!!!!

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  • kg - 가격이 어떻게되는지요 ?

    박종남박종남7 bulan yang lalu
  • 반갑습니다 어느 나라입니까 ?

    박종남박종남7 bulan yang lalu
  • Это что за фрукт ?

    Murad AlievMurad Aliev7 bulan yang lalu
    • Это карамбола

      Василий ТёркинВасилий Тёркин6 bulan yang lalu
  • Công nghệ mẹ gi nhìn bẩn chết bà

    MR KUKENMR KUKEN7 bulan yang lalu
  • Please identify the farms where the filming happens and provide contact info of the farm

    elizabeth daviselizabeth davis7 bulan yang lalu
  • Me recuerda Chandon Tania United Arbil de star fruit en mi casa

    Johan SabucoJohan Sabuco7 bulan yang lalu
  • wow, I love this fruit it really delicious 😍😋

    Jayden Family VlogsJayden Family Vlogs7 bulan yang lalu
  • In Indonesia it's named " buah blimbing ".

    Joko PsariJoko Psari7 bulan yang lalu
    • @john dale abesamis almost the same 👋👋👋

      Joko PsariJoko Psari7 bulan yang lalu
    • In the Philippines it's called balimbing

      john dale abesamisjohn dale abesamis7 bulan yang lalu
  • Galangan❤️

    SL Zee SevaSL Zee Seva7 bulan yang lalu
  • Could we buy online with the seeds of star fruit?

    Solita CanayaSolita Canaya7 bulan yang lalu

      Julie McguganJulie Mcgugan4 hari yang lalu
  • I like this fruit 👍😋

    IkaIka7 bulan yang lalu
  • اكو عرب اهنا . منو يعرف طعم هاي الفاكهه

    Haydar IraqiHaydar Iraqi7 bulan yang lalu
    • @Jassmin Murad تسلمي ربي يحفظك ..صار عندي فضول كلت الا افهم شنو هاي 😜☺️😏

      Haydar IraqiHaydar Iraqi7 bulan yang lalu
    • يقولون بانها حامضة جدا فياكلونها كمخلل.

      Jassmin MuradJassmin Murad7 bulan yang lalu
  • Chào admin 😘

    Hoài NguyễnHoài Nguyễn7 bulan yang lalu
  • It's a very sour fruit. Even when it's ripe, it's still sour. I eat it with salt with a little bit of chili. My grandmother sometimes uses the green one in place of Tamarind to make sour soup.

    Jon JonJon Jon7 bulan yang lalu
    • Try to eat this star fruit varietis: "belimbing madu" and "belimbing demak". The taste is very sweet without sour. Or you can search on youtube if you want to know the testimony of this varieties.

      Rahman SetiawanRahman Setiawan7 bulan yang lalu
  • amo carabola

    Amelia RochaAmelia Rocha7 bulan yang lalu
  • Sadece kabuk mu içinde ne var. Bir açsaydınız da baksaydık.

    Ahmet DalAhmet Dal7 bulan yang lalu
  • Balimbing in phil

    Danti AlobaDanti Aloba7 bulan yang lalu
  • Wonderful #ApnaPunjabAe

    ApnaPunjabAeApnaPunjabAe7 bulan yang lalu
  • Wow a lot of ( work ) goes into this. I love this fruit 💕A great video on how it's done thank you for bringing that to my attention it was amazing 👍🇺🇸

    Joe LeeJoe Lee7 bulan yang lalu
  • In Guyana we call this fruit Kameranga or five finger 🇬🇾

    Grove BaiGrove Bai7 bulan yang lalu
  • The supervisor in the processing plant, that kept giving the thumbs up, had me cracking up 🤣👍

    The Great CatsbyThe Great Catsby7 bulan yang lalu
    • hahah

      Haqimi MalaysiaHaqimi Malaysia3 bulan yang lalu
  • The hand cultivation and sorting process was a lot of work but so interesting to watch. Great video!

    The Great CatsbyThe Great Catsby7 bulan yang lalu
  • Behind my village house fruiting all the times, sweet but nobody care to eat.

    ANUAR SaadANUAR Saad7 bulan yang lalu
    • Yes...

      Divi's creationsDivi's creations7 bulan yang lalu
    • Right

      Aum ThakurAum Thakur7 bulan yang lalu
  • Amazing 👏👏👏👍👍

    Quan Can CookQuan Can Cook7 bulan yang lalu
  • I tried that fruit before and is delicious!!!😋

    Nicoletta CicconeNicoletta Ciccone7 bulan yang lalu
  • Good for pickled..🤑

    ZxenZxen7 bulan yang lalu
  • Buahnya kayak sampah

    edi hartantoedi hartanto7 bulan yang lalu
  • There's nothing special about the taste of this fruit though. We had the tree at our home when I was little. I used to play around with the fruits rather than eat them cause the taste isn't so great though they look pretty. And the flesh doesn't feel good to chew on or swallow. But I guess if you make juice out of it or process them like in the video, then it might be different.

    Sammy UromSammy Urom7 bulan yang lalu
  • Eww ở VN trồng đầy mà ko nghĩ ra kinh doanh :v

    Tớ Tên GiangTớ Tên Giang7 bulan yang lalu
  • Biriran in ph

    Mainejane Del valleMainejane Del valle7 bulan yang lalu
  • Delicious 🤤😍

    Kim MikulaKim Mikula7 bulan yang lalu
  • Wowwwwww

  • The fruit has a sour taste , in PAKISTAN this fruit is mostly eaten raw with little salt ,lemon juice n red chilli powder on top , gives good look n taste

    Masood ChannaMasood Channa7 bulan yang lalu
    • Where I live they also grow the Malay gooseberry, which is also nice, like belimbi.

      Julie McguganJulie Mcgugan4 hari yang lalu
    • There are 2 type of star fruit , one is sweet , one is sour . I like the sour .

      joe nguyenjoe nguyen5 bulan yang lalu
    • Bro In pakistan u r safe? Be safe from corona virus....

      Divi's creationsDivi's creations7 bulan yang lalu
    • Yes bro.... we also .... am ur neighbour country....

      Divi's creationsDivi's creations7 bulan yang lalu
    • @Masood Channa this fruit has many varieties, try to taste "belimbing madu" and "belimbing demak" varieties and you will feel the sweet taste without sour. :)

      Rahman SetiawanRahman Setiawan7 bulan yang lalu
  • Great content 👍 keep it up 👍

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  • Além de deliciosa , é lindo esse fruto

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  • Wow ok

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  • Carambola RD.

    José A. VenturaJosé A. Ventura7 bulan yang lalu
    • @M.r YuGo HD Hey Hola

      José A. VenturaJosé A. Ventura7 bulan yang lalu
    • José A. Ventura hello

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  • World is depend on Agricultural.

    sam bathsam bath7 bulan yang lalu
    • Brazil food is good for our Health.

      sam bathsam bath7 bulan yang lalu
    • Agricultural is the backbone of Brazil.

      sam bathsam bath7 bulan yang lalu
    • @sam bath Prazer em conhecer ..Aqui no Brasil tambem tem carambola...qual tua patria ?

      Batista BreroBatista Brero7 bulan yang lalu
    • Good morning, nice to meet you.

      sam bathsam bath7 bulan yang lalu
    • sam bath hi

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