Awesome Pears Cultivation Technology - Pears Farming and Harvest - Pears Processing

8 Jun 2020
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Pears is Important fruit crop of temperate region. It belongs to the family Rosaceae. Pear fruit is rich source of Protein and Vitamins. due to its wider adaptability of climate and soil pear can be grown in subtropical to temperate regions. In India Pear is cultivated in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and U.P and low chilling varieties do well in subtropical regions.
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  • Bartlett Pears YAY! From green and crunchy to melt in your mouth soft and sweet! Best ever pear of them all! Pears aren't eaten all that much, not as other fruits are. Pear juice can be hard to find. And that's probably because if you pay attention, pear juice is used in almost every kind of fruit juice and drink beverages made because of their light flavor and sweetness that stays hidden behind other flavors. The fruit that everybody loves and didn't know it. hahahaha

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  • DIJUAL KEBUN ALPUKAT : 1. Luas kebun alpukat 64 ha. 2. Legalitas Surat Full (100%) SHM. 3. Legalitas Kepemilikan 1 orang. 4. Jumlah pohon dalam areal 64 Ha sebanyak 4.500 batang. 5. Tiga kali panen dalam setahun. 6. Penghasilan dalam satu kali panen mencapai 20 ton. 7. Terdapat tanaman tumpang sari antar sela2 pohon alpuket yg terdari dari tanaman jati, pepaya, melon, semangka, dll sebagai bonus peminat. 8. Terdapat bangunan kantor dan gudang 5 unit bangunan. 9. Terdapat 7 unit pompa air flekdibel. 10. Ada karyawan sebanyak 50 orang. 11. Lokasi berada di kabupaten subang Harga 350/meter nego sedikit.

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  • Parabéns pelos vídeos. A tecnologia é incrível para cultivo de frutas, legumes e tudo o mais necessário para a alimentação e deleite do ser humano. Que creatividade dos maquinarios para facilitar o plantio, cultivo, colheita, processamento e comercialização. Obrigada por tudo. Muito interessante e lindo

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